10 Creative Ways to Show Off Your Boudoir Photos

So you’ve done your empowerment boudoir shoot at our Edmonton studio.

You looked at our boudoir experience packages and picked the right one for you.

You picked out your clothes.

You hung out with our amazing team.

You had an all around great time.

You saw your images for the first time and it nearly brought you to tears.

But what do you DO with these incredible photos?

Here are our Top 10 Creative Ways to Show Off Your Boudoir Photoshoot Images.

Gabriela Cruz Empowerment Boudoir Photography's top 10 ways to show off your boudoir photoshoot images

1. Hang Them on Your Wall

Who didn’t watch rebel Samantha Jones from Sex and the City proudly display her boudoir photoshoot images on her wall? The purpose of having these pictures taken is to be proud of the empowered woman you see in them, let them loose, and hang them up to remind yourself that you are AMAZING!

We LOVE the idea of hanging your boudoir photos in your bathroom, bedroom, or even your closet to remind yourself of how beautiful you are. And if you feel slightly intimidated by including the whole image, why not zoom in on a favourite feature, such as a collarbone or shoulder, and display it as art?

2. Create a boudoir Photo Book

We LOVE this old-school approach to display all your photos in one spot. Doing so makes for a wonderful personal keepsake or a sexy gift you can give to your significant other. Whether you choose to hire a professional to put the photos together for you or select an online creator, such as Shutterfly, this is a way to hold onto this AMAZING keepsake for years to come.

Gabriela Cruz Empowerment Boudoir Photography's top 10 ways to show off your boudoir photoshoot images

3. Put your boudoir pictures in a Folio Box

A folio box is a fabulous way to present your photos, similar to a photo book. It is a handcrafted box with customized photos that tuck nicely inside, ready to be admired time and time again. What we LOVE about the Folio Box is that it adds to your photos with its beautiful appearance, and it also protects your stunning images and keeps them safe.

4. Sexy Calendar Anyone?

We’ve all seen the SEXY firefighter or SEXY mechanic calendars, so why not create one of your own? Each month has an INTIMATE and empowered image of you, to remind yourself and whoever happens to see this calendar how FANTASTIC you are, EVERY. DAY. OF. THE. YEAR.

You can even use them to create your own journal using an app like Canva and adding empowering journal prompts!

5. Create a Coffee Table Boudoir Book

You’ve seen coffee table wedding books that are proudly placed on a coffee table. So why not do a boudoir book that also looks fantastic. You can select your favourite shots, the layout, the tone, the tint, and more.

6. Share Your boudoir Photos on Social Media

Okay, so you don’t have to share the raciest of your shots with everyone you are connected to, but any that you feel comfortable with will make a FABULOUS profile picture or cover photo. And trust us, you are sure to get lots of compliments.

7. Use imtimate maternity images on Baby Shower Invitations

Empowerment boudoir photoshoots include ALL stages of your life, including maternity. Why not showcase those beautiful, empowering, and inspiring photos on your baby shower invitations? We are willing to bet that your invites will not only be one-of-a-kind but will be the talk of your baby shower.

8. Thank You Cards or Baby Announcement

Now that you have welcomed your little bundle into the world, why not show off your proudest moment with a motherhood boudoir photoshoot? Everyone will ooh and ahh over how amazing motherhood makes you glow and how delicious and sweet your baby is.

Display the photos on thank you notes to all who attended your baby shower or as a beautiful baby announcement.

Gabriela Cruz Empowerment Boudoir Photography's top 10 ways to show off your boudoir photoshoot images

9. Use your boudoir images on your phone’s Lock or Home Screen

This is one of those private yet not-so-private ways to show off your boudoir photoshoot. Why do you ask? Because while you get to see it multiple times a day, others around you get the teaser version, catching glimpses as they see your phone light up with messages and reminders throughout the day.

We LOVE that you get to walk around thinking how amazing of a woman you are while everyone else gets to secretly admire your strength and assets through the peeks they catch on your phone.

10. Novelty Items

Why limit yourself in the ways you want to show off your boudoir photos? The possibilities truly are endless. From a 100-piece puzzle to key chain fobs, playing cards to retro viewfinders. Your IMAGINATION is the limit.

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to show off your boudoir photoshoot images, and to be proud of your specialty captured moment. Be sure to stay up to date on all we have going on by joining our mailing list for more great tips.