10 Exciting Edmonton Activities to Get ANY Woman in The Spring Spirit

The smell of SPRING is in the air and we know you are all anxious to get out and enjoy all the wonderful senses that come with this time of year. The budding LEAVES , blossoming FLOWERS, and the GREEN grass with pops of yellow from the long-dormant dandelions, are all reminders that winter is no more.

That is what SPRING is about. That, and to experience our top 10 Exciting Edmonton Activities to get YOU in the SPRING SPIRT.

  1. Scars Spring Market
  2. Signatures Butterdome Spring Craft Sale
  3. Spring Perennial Exchange
  4. Crescent Moon Curio Market
  5. Run the River Spring Challenge
  6. Spring Wine Appreciation Class
  7. Nette Style Clothing Exchange
  8. Get Cooking
  9. Edmonton Rock N’ Gem Show
  10. Empowerment Boudoir Photoshoot
10 Exciting Edmonton Activities to Get ANY Woman in The Spring Spirit from Edmonton-based boudoir studio Gabriela Cruz Photography

1. SCARS Spring Market  

The SCARS Spring Market is brought to you by the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society. They have an amazing list of vendors, from Fudgalicious to Your Era Essential Oils, The Art of Wood to Everyday Purses. Be prepared to shop till you drop and support a local charity for animal rescue all in one day.

You can find out more about their market on their website, scarescare.ca or through Facebook.

2. Signatures Butterdome Spring Craft Sale

This craft sale is uniquely Canadian and filled with works from over 180 artisans, crafters, designers, and more. With this annual SPRINGTIME event, everything is handmade where you not only get to peruse all the unique items, you can meet the person who made them! This craft sale is not to be missed.

You can find out more about this event at their website signatures.ca.

3. Spring Perennial Exchange

We LOVE flowers. So, it isn’t surprising that this is one of our FAVOURITE spring activities in Edmonton. Nothing says goodbye snow and hello SPRING more than surrounding yourself with blossoming, colourful PLANTS. This is the perfect event for those who have a GREEN thumb, want to share their PLANTS, pick up some unique finds, and spend the day chatting with fellow PLANT lovers.

To find out more about this event be sure to check out their website edmontonhort.com.

4. Crescent Moon Curio Market

Calling all curious. Make your way to the Crescent Moon Curio Market, a mini-convention that focuses on the unique, eclectic, and homemade for some exclusive finds. If you or someone you know is into boho, new age, gothic and more then be sure to check out this one-of-a-kind event.

Take your time exploring all 85 vendors, but be sure not to miss out on the exciting entertainment that comes with, such as the Edmonton Axe Monkeys or maybe a Tarot Reading is more your style? And did we mention they have axe throwing?

Entice your SPIRIT and check out more about this mystical event with their promo video or buy your tickets here. (All proceeds go to SAFE Team Animal Rescue – to help the kitties).

5. Run the River Spring Challenge

This is the perfect SPRING activity to get your juices pumping and prime you for the warmer weather to come. Great for those who are athletic, but is welcoming to those just starting. This annual challenge is offered as a 5k, 10k, and a 1/2 marathon. It even has a Juniors Event for those who want to bring their kids along. Run along the North Saskatchewan River and soak in the beautiful LUSH GREEN outdoors.

Find out more about this amazing outdoor spring challenge at athleticsalberta.com.

6. Spring Wine Appreciation Class

The perfect place to be for any wine enthusiast. Looking to try some new wines? Love to taste some light and refreshing whites and rosés to bring out the earthiness of SPRING? Then be sure to check out this class; they’ll take you through all details, where each wine comes from and what foods to pair them with. The perfect event to bring your friends along with you.

Sign up or find out more about this class at allevents.in.

7. Nette Style Clothing Exchange

Out with the old and in with the new. The Nette Style Clothing Exchange is all about reinventing yourself and refreshing your wardrobe, in the perfect time for SPRING! We LOVE that this clothing swap helps keep clothes out of the landfills helping to keep Mother Earth that little bit GREENER for all.

Want to know all about this even works? Check out how to get tickets at Eventbrite.ca or their website nettestyle.ca.

8. Get Cooking

Winter tends to be a time of eating comfort foods, and often the same old meals over and over again. But in the SPRING, we aspire to eat better, to try something new. Why not check out Get Cooking? They have a wide range of featured chefs and cuisines from which to choose.  

Each class is held in their downtown Edmonton studio and includes a welcome appetizer, a full meal, parking, and a great night out. From Japanese-inspired dishes to making your own sausage, you can feel good about learning something new and getting out of the house.  

Check out Get Cooking’s site and book a class to get you inspired with the food you eat this SPRING.

9. Edmonton Rock N’ Gem Show

This SPRING show has everything from beads, home décor to jewelry, a great way to treat yourself or another special woman in your life to that special gift. Connect to the vibrations of MOTHER NATURE and realign yourself after a long winter just in time for a stronger SPIRIT this SPRING.  

To find out more about this event and how to get tickets, check them out on Eventbrite.ca.

10. Empowerment Boudoir Photoshoot (our favourite spring activity in Edmonton)

Winter can often make us feel like a caterpillar in her cocoon. Once SPRING arrives, we long to get out and spread our wings. We want to show ourselves off to the world. What better way to do so than with a SPRING empowerment boudoir photoshoot in Edmonton?

Naturally, this is our absolute favourite spring activity in Edmonton. There’s nothing like watching someone step into their own beautiful shining light in one of our floral or greenery sets.

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