10 ways moms can practice self-care

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Self-care. Who has time for that? We as moms ALWAYS put ourselves LAST! Dead last! The kids and the husband, even the family pets are more important to us than our body, mind and soul! So here are some ideas for self-care we came up with.

Here's our list of 10 ways that moms can practice self-love and self-care. Are you a mom struggling with self care? Read our list!

1. Bubble bath is easy self-care for moms

Yes the bath. Make a night of it. Get some candles, a glass of wine (or the whole bottle, maybe?), some rose peddles (to much?) whatever floats your boat! Whatever makes you feel relaxed, gorgeous and sexy! Seriously.

The most important part about this is, door must be locked. Take some time for mama, sit in a hot bath, drink that wine and breathe. Don’t think about what you have to do tomorrow. Stop worrying about everyone for even 10 minutes while you are alone in the bathroom. This is one of the easiest way to show yourself some love and TLC. Trust us girl. You need it!

2. Dance

There is something about dancing. Throw that music on, blast it and just dance. Dance your heart out or dance that booty off! Twerk it girl! Right in the middle of your kitchen or living room. Not only is this going to make you happy, it is so good for your kids to see and do with you. This is such a simple way for you to take a few minutes in a busy to day to take care of yourself. Yet we NEVER do it on a daily basis.

You could even go out with the girls and have a dance night! This one is a little harder to accommodate for us busy mamas, however, it is so worth it!

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3. Spa day

Hello! Who doesn’t want to be pampered? Leave the kids at home with dad or a sitter or go when they are in school. Take a personal day and go get a massage, facial, mani/pedi. Your body will thank you. Your body is crying out for this type of love and self-care, moms! Every body ache and pain is saying treat me good! Leave your phone in the purse though. Let your mind rest! Let the muscles rest. UNPLUG from social life and relax.

Have you ever had your face massaged? Your scalp massaged? These are two of my must do recommendations. Go treat yourself to a facial with a face and scalp massage.

4. Sing

Yes, right up there with dancing. Crank that music and let the words fly from your body! I can’t sing you say? Who cares! This isn’t so you will win a music award. It is so you can award your body the best gift ever! Self Love.

What is required to do this?

Your favorite song and a willingness to let the song flow from within. Singing can evoke so much emotion. Use the music to heal your soul. Sing with your kids! Go try it now… I’ll wait!

Back? How was it! Amazing right!?

5. Do something that scares you

Yes, this might sound contradictory, trust us though! You will set your soul free girl. We hold ourselves back so much. I can’t do that, I am a mom (this actually means you are super woman, you can do anything, let this one go), I am not pretty enough, I weigh to much, I have a pimple on my face, I can’t sing, I can’t travel. Whatever it is you are telling yourself. Let me tell you now! YOU CAN. Whatever it is you have ALWAYS wanted to do, go do it! There is a reason you are drawn to it.

Something we hear often is, I have wanted to do a boudoir shoot for years now. I never have though. There is so many reasons we hear, however, one of the most common is, I want to lose 10 pounds. Girl, you may want to legitimately lose 10 pounds and we encourage you do to so. However, we encourage you to step outside your comfort-zone and love yourself the way you are. Take that leap of faith, then lose the 10 pounds. Also think of it this way, it is so much easier to let go of something (like weight) when we love ourselves and are happy.

Anyways, back at it. Do the thing you want to do! What is it and why do you not do it? Now just choose that you are worthy, and CAN do it, and will do it and you are perfect the way you are to achieve it.

6. Say yes!

Pick one day of the week and say yes to everything! Imagine the adventures. Now obviously If something is not in your absolute best interest, do not say yes.

Try it, share with us what you said yes to! What adventures did you go on?

7. Eat your favorite food/desert

Go get something you absolutely love. That soul food. Whatever it is and enjoy every last bite, alone!

Enough said.

8. Set a routine just for you – ultimate self-care for moms

Wake up before the kids do. Do things that nourish your body, mind and soul. Take that me time to align yourself first thing in the morning. Maybe you have this amazing spot that you can sit and drink a coffee or a tea and read by a window or on a deck.

This is so important: Do not look at or touch your phone, when you first wake up. There is so much bad we see on social media. Don’t fill your head with all that, or risk it when you first wake up.

Here is an example of a routine.

Wake up, brush teeth, wash face, grab coffee, read an inspirational book, meditate, visualize your perfect day, read positive affirmations, exercise, get ready for the day.
This takes commitment! Trust me it does, however, when you start your day with these types of things, you are unstoppable! This morning routine is all about YOU. So, show yourself and your day some love!

9. Journal

Sounds like work, I know! Scribing, in other words can be such a great way to take some time and check in. Take all those thoughts haunting you all day long and put them on paper. GET THEM OUT. Take a few moments whenever you are overwhelmed by life and release them to the universe. Even starting your morning and/or ending your day with this practice has profound effects on our lives.

Try this; I am so happy and grateful now that… and list everything you are happy and grateful for. Even if all you can think of is one thing. It gets easier. Or just allow the words to land on the paper. You don’t have to think for this to work. Just get words on paper. It doesn’t even have to make sense.

👉 Here are 5 great journal prompts to get you started on the path of self-discovery.

10. Go back in time.

What did you LOVE to do a child?

DO THAT. Take a moment to think about what you absolutely loved to do as child. What brought peace to your world. What made you smile from ear to ear before the world got tough? Connect with your inner child and make her happy again. The fun thing about this, is you can include your kidlets, maybe. It will feel weird at first. Then this sense of calm and happiness takes over. A sigh of relief. Wow, why haven’t I done this in 20 years? The world makes us grow up and forget about that child, and sometimes much sooner than should be allowed. Go find her. Tell her you love her and do things together, that she loved.

Please let us know what you loved to do as a child and my hopes are that you will be brave and share with us how you felt after practicing this.

Do you already practice self-care? What are some of your favorite things to do?

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