11 Signs You are Ready for a Boudoir Shoot

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A boudoir shoot is an incredibly exciting experience. You have the chance to look and feel your best, get pampered, and show off your sexy side. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about a boudoir shoot for years, putting it off until just the right moment; or maybe you’ve only recently started considering what a boudoir shoot could do for your confidence. Do you think you might be ready for a boudoir shoot? These are some signs you might be. 

Have you been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot? Here are Gabriela Cruz Photography's 11 signs that you are ready for your boudoir shoot!

1. Reaching a new body milestone is a great time to do a boudoir shoot

Have you been working hard to tone up your body or to get rid of some extra weight? If you’ve recently knocked down one of those incredible milestones, it’s a great time to schedule a boudoir shoot! You’re already looking and feeling your best, this is a great time to capture your body so that you can look back on those amazing pictures for years in the future. 

2. Not feeling confident about your body? It’s a perfect time for a boudoir shoot

Sure, it’s great to meet milestones and feel incredible, and that confidence will certainly translate to your boudoir shoot. Here’s the reality, though: your body is gorgeous just the way it is.

Every woman carries her own unique beauty. It doesn’t matter if you’re as thin as you’d like to be or even as thin as you were five years ago. Through the photographer’s lens, you’ll get to see your body in a whole new light—and along the way, you just might gain even more confidence in yourself. 

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3. You’re in a healthy, committed relationship, and you want to do something special for your partner

When you’re involved in a relationship, a boudoir shoot can provide an incredible way to connect with your partner and share something incredibly sexy with him. It could just set the spark that will bring a little extra fire to the bedroom; or, an album full of boudoir pictures can be a great way to keep the flames burning when you have to be apart for a while. Surprising your partner with the pictures from a boudoir shoot could just set off a sexy night—or several!

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4. You’re single and want to do a boudoir shoot for YOU

You don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy all the benefits of a boudoir shoot. In fact, you may need the sexy confidence boost even more when you’re single! Instead of holding out until you have someone to give those pictures to, give an incredible gift to yourself. You’ll be amazed by just how much you appreciate it. 

5. If you haven’t pampered yourself in a while, come to our Edmonton photography studio 

So many women today live an incredibly busy lifestyle—and that means they often forget about self-care. When you let self-care fall by the wayside, you may find yourself low on energy, struggling to get through the day, and beginning to wonder whether there is really anything you’re looking forward to in your future. During your boudoir shoot, on the other hand, you’ll have the opportunity to pamper yourself as never before. Both before and during the shoot, all the attention is on you!

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6. A boudoir session is a fantastic excuse to go lingerie shopping

Sure, we have a closet filled with lingerie styles and options (you can get a peek at our closet at the bottom of our investment page). When you’re gearing up for your boudoir shoot, however, you may want a few choice items to add to your personal wardrobe. What better excuse to go lingerie shopping than an incredible upcoming photoshoot?

When you book a shoot with us we will send you a TON of great information and help for finding the right lingerie. You can also check out our post called “What should I wear?”

7. You want to embrace your special style of sexy

Sometimes, you just need to let your sexy out without anything holding you back. Your style of sexy isn’t quite like anyone else’s. Whether you love dark colors and dramatic makeup or prefer a casual girl next door look, you deserve the opportunity to show off everything that makes you look and feel sexy—and a boudoir shoot is a perfect opportunity to do that. Not only will it allow you to show off your sexy side, but you might also just discover a new view of what you think is beautiful. You need a reminder of how amazing you are.

8. You need a reminder of how special you are

If life has been getting you down lately, it’s time to shake that off in a way that you’ll never forget. Need to remember that you’re incredible? A boudoir shoot is a great way to do it. Your photographer has incredible experience boosting your confidence—and when the shoot is over, you’ll get to look at photos that reveal your unique beauty in a way that you might never have seen before. 

9. You have a special event coming up

Are you engaged, with a wedding just around the corner? Are you about to celebrate a special milestone birthday or anniversary? What better way to celebrate than through an amazing boudoir shoot that will help you unleash your inner sexiness as never before? If you don’t already have a special event coming up, why not create one: a chance to celebrate you!

10. You need an excuse to let your hair down

When you have to put your hair up for work every day—both physically and metaphorically—it doesn’t take long for you to fall into drab, predictable habits. A boudoir shoot, on the other hand, is your chance to let your hair down. You’ll be outside of your comfort zone and loving it. Who knows? You might just find the inner excitement you need to tackle another incredible milestone in your life. 

11. You just want to.

Are you interested in having a boudoir shoot? Then let’s face it: you don’t really need another reason! You deserve to be pampered, complimented, and photographed in a way that you’ll love to look back on in future years. What better reason could you need?

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