2021’s Wedding Food Trend You MUST Know

February 19, 2021

Wedding cakes and food trends for 2021 are about as interesting as the year itself will probably be. The influences of COVID-19 can certainly be seen when we look at some of the trends, and food is no exception.

Let’s take a look at the HOTTEST food trend for weddings in 2021: customized meals.

Yep, we’re talking restaurant-quality personalization for every meal.

Bye-Bye Buffet, Hello Custom Wedding Meals

One thing we know for sure is that most couples are saying GOODBYE to buffet-style meals. The buffet was always a great option for families with picky eaters and special diets. But COVID-19 meant that even small weddings weren’t safe to use buffet-style catering.

Luckily, with smaller receptions, it’s now easier than ever to create custom meals for each person! And once people get a taste for customization they rarely look back. This is a trend we think will hang on WAY longer than COVID-19.

But, HOW do you actually do it without a logistical nightmare?

Hire help for your wedding

I mean, honestly, this is DEFINITELY the easiest way to avoid a headache when it comes to customized guest meals. You can allow your guests to customize literally EVERYTHING as long as someone else is handling the hassle and making sure you stay within your budget.

A quality wedding planner can make all of this happen for you! But, wedding planners come with a price tag and aren’t in everyone’s budget. So, let’s look at a few other ideas.

Offer a selection of wedding food guests can choose from

A simple way to customize meals for guests is to offer a selection of mix and match options. Instead of simply choosing among two or three full meals, allow your guests to check off their protein, their side, their appetizer and more from a list of options. Mailing this list out with your initial invitations will not only save time and postage, it will encourage people to respond quickly since they’ll want to lock in that personalized meal.

Get feedback from wedding guests about food they like

If you’re deciding to ditch the buffet and go traditional (chicken or beef?), we suggest at least consulting with a few of your guests beforehand. YES, your wedding day should be all about YOU, but our customized world is leading guests to expect a personalized experience. Reach out and see if they have any big preferences you can someone work into your traditional meal.

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Take wedding food customization up a notch

The idea of allowing your guests to choose chicken or beef or pasta isn’t a new one. Before the buffet swept the wedding world by storm it was considered traditional to allow your guests to check off their preference on their RSVP card. But we need to take things up a notch.

Supply your invitees with a menu card and allow them to choose among different appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, add-ons, and desserts!

Capture the magic of your special day.