5 Easy Ways to Make Room for Relaxation in Your Busy Life

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No one can deny the importance of practicing self-care. There are many parts to it and different things work well for different people. One HUGELY important part of self care I want to talk about today is RELAXATION. Let’s talk about some easy ways to relax daily!

Some people love soaking in a hot bath while others prefer a cup of tea and a good book. 

Whatever relaxes you the most, it’s important to make time for it regularly. If you’re already thinking to yourself that you simply don’t have time, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Whether you’ve got a crazy work schedule or have a bunch of littles running around at home, making time to relax can start slipping further and further down the list of priorities. 

Let’s look at 5 EASY ways to make more room to RELAX.

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Once you dedicate some time to yourself, you’ll be much happier. Studies show that your energy and productivity levels will also increase.

If you still think that you can’t do it – think again! As they say, where there’s a will (and some awesome tips like these ones) there’s a way!

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1. Make a schedule ahead of time

This one only takes a few minutes and you’ll find that it makes all the difference. The simple act of creating a schedule has a TON of benefits: 

  • You’ll be more relaxed as soon as you wake up because you won’t have to think about what your day looks like. You can get up and get going. 
  • It helps you establish a routine. Once you find your rhythm and can stick to it, you’ll create good habits and build a daily routine you’re comfortable with. 
  • Most importantly – it saves you heaps of time. When you know what you’re doing, you won’t waste time constantly planning your next thing and making small decisions over and over again. 

Scheduling your week before it begins means you can also schedule your relaxation time without worrying that it takes away from other things.  (Are you a bosy mom

2. Extend Your Shower (or bath)

You heard me – take longer showers! What’s more relaxing than being engulfed in hot water and pampering yourself? Take your time going through your usual steps, and consider adding some new ones. Hair and face masks are a great extra step that gives you more time to yourself and benefits your hair and skin. 

Even once you’re done everything – don’t be afraid to take a few more minutes and enjoy a calm, silent moment under the hot water.

3. Ask Someone to Keep You Accountable 

There’s power in accountability. If no one knows of your goals, it’s easy to bail on them. Ask a friend or family member to keep you accountable. All they need to do is check up on you regularly and ask if you’re letting yourself relax.

Knowing that you’ll eventually have to answer to someone will keep you motivated. You’ll push yourself to take that time so you can proudly tell them, “yes!” 

4. Say No 

If you’re someone who loves to help and see everyone happy – this is hard for you. Or, perhaps you’re a dedicated, focused employee with sky-high career goals. 

Either way, you have to stop taking on more than you can handle. You are just as important as the people you love, don’t forget that. Choose yourself, and say no sometimes. 

The first time will be so hard. You might have to force it out. The second time will be a little easier. With some practice, you’ll be perfectly comfortable saying no, and you’ll be much happier for it. 

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5. Banish the Guilt 

If you’re not used to taking time for yourself, you may feel guilty about it, especially if the house is still a little messy or there is laundry to do. But, none of that matters more than your mental health and state of mind. 

To truly feel the benefits of self-care and relaxing activities, you must let go of the guilt. It doesn’t matter how crazy busy your life is, spending time on yourself is never a waste. 

Banish the guilt and remember it’s not a competition or a race. Don’t get caught up in the social media lie of everyone’s perfect life – you’ll only put unnecessary pressure on yourself. It’s okay to take a nap or read a book with some dishes left in the sink. The world won’t end. 

Do thoughts of guilt and overall negative thoughts about yourself and/or your body overtake your mind sometimes? You’re NOT alone. Check out our 6 steps for banishing negative self-talk.

Prioritize Self Care Now 

If you currently lack in self-care, start by making that schedule. This will go a long way in helping you prioritize properly and identify problem areas and time wasters. 

But, this isn’t enough by itself. You need to commit and actually follow the schedule. This is where consistency and accountability become so important. 

It may seem daunting at first, but you can’t ignore self-care forever. Do whatever it takes to allow yourself that time to relax and unwind. You’ll be grateful you did, and you’ll be far more functional and productive in the long run.

Are you a mom? Here are our top tips for moms struggling with self care.

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