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When you’ve been a couple for a while, it can be tricky to remember the little ways that your partner first made your heart race. It can also be hard to find ways that EXCITE you both when likely a state of comfort has taken over the spot that once was filled with THRILL and ENTICEMENT.

Here to help you shake things up a bit, and introduce some new date night ideas in Edmonton, is our list of 5 ways to spice up your sex life.

  1. The Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show
  2. An individual boudoir shoot
  3. Burlesque Brew-Ha-Ha Show
  4. A Couples Boudoir Photoshoot
  5. Mommy’s Toy Shop

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1. The Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show

Hey Edmonton, here’s a VERY interesting date night idea! What better way to spice up your sex life than to learn from the most experienced around? The Naughty but Nice Show prides itself on enhancing lifestyles, reigniting romance, and making you feel more comfortable with all things considered Taboo.

This show takes place at the Edmonton Expo Centre, and while it is still a few months away, there is no harm in reserving your spot now. And it’s certainly not TABOO to check out their website to see all they have to offer, from LIVE demonstrations, and educational seminars, to just overall, a FUN and SEXY time.

You just might see us there talking about our couples boudoir shoots!

You can find out more about this SEXtastic show by clicking here.

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2. Treat Yourself to An Individual Boudoir Photoshoot

Gabriel Cruz Photography offers individual boudoir photoshoots to discover or even rediscover the TRUE essence of your beauty. We understand that confidence can waiver, particularly if you have been in a relationship with someone for a long time or feel like your vibrancy has faded.

We have recently introduced our AFTER DARK set. This set and lingerie are a little bit KINKIER, BOLDER, and DARKER, but it’s also the perfect way to bring out a NEW or HIDDEN side of yourself. Your confidence will not only soar, but when SEXY time comes up again with your partner, you won’t hesitate.

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Why not go for a date night out with your beloved to Edmonton’s Canadian Brewhouse for what they call a “raucous fun night of tease and cheese you won’t soon forget!” This event includes some burlesque, of course, but also some tasty treats from their individual charcuterie sampler.

You and your partner can just sit back and enjoy the entertainment, or maybe get some ideas? From dancing to full-out costumes, singing to flirting, this is a great event to laugh along with, maybe feel a little steamy with, and just plain have a FUN time.

Click here for more information about the Burlesque Brew-Ha-Ha Show.

4. Couples Boudoir Photoshoot Date Night

If you’ve felt like lately your date nights have been in a rut of boring and same old, same old, then we promise you that having a date night doing a SEXY AFTER DARK photoshoot will be anything but boring! We know you still have a strong connection, it’s just that sometimes it can get lost in the day-to-day.

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At one of our AFTER DARK photoshoots, you’ll get to document your connection with one another, but in a RAW and INTIMATE way. You’ll unleash sides of your partner, and yourself, in a way you never thought possible.

Want something a little more subdued? No worries! We offer couples boudoir shoots on ALL of our sets – the soft and sensual bedroom set, our bathroom set, and of course our basement after dark set.

Reignite that FUN and FLIRTY side, the one that you NEVER get to show to each other anymore, and remind yourselves the reason you found one another so IRRESISTIBLE in the first place.

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5. Mommy’s Toy Shop

Nothing says spice it up like visiting Edmonton’s Adult Toys & Lingerie store. Mommy’s Toy Shop is the perfect place for the cautious yet curious. They believe that everyone has the right to seek sexual fulfillment.

Their store offers a wide array of sexy and saucy to romantic and rekindling, from lubrication and massage oil to lingerie and couple’s sex toys. They promise discreet service and are there to educate your curious side and indulge in your wild side.

There’s our list of  5 ways you and your partner can spice up your sex life in Edmonton this year. We highly recommend you check them out and have some FLIRTY fun. And at the very least, there is no harm in visiting a site or calling to inquire about a free consult today.

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