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June 17, 2019

Goddess – Life gets to us. Let’s face it.

So much can happen that can literally destroy a woman’s confidence. It can happen from family issues, our perception of not being enough. A person looked at us in a way that made us uncomfortable. Bullies & abuse. A cheating lover. Rejection. Not getting the job we didn’t even want! Not getting the job we REALLY wanted. Divorce. Ghosted. The internet, TV and magazines. Oh my…. You name it! It affects our confidence. As all of this and more unfolds over the years, the less confidence we have. The more we deviate from our natural goddess selves.

It really does not matter if you want to find the perfect mate, your soulmate, the perfect job, the perfect clients, the perfect life what I am about to share will help in all areas of your life. Just to be clear by perfect I mean perfect for you, your dreams and goals. Nothing, is ever “perfect.”

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In my journey of life, I have always lived a certain way, and I have typically received what I wanted. At a young age it just came to me, this way of being and thinking. I most definitely had friends not agree or think I was crazy or conceited as they just did not understand and they lacked their own confidence (most of us do later in life, let alone teens and young adults).

Ladies this works though. All of this. I have been telling women for YEARS how to accomplish this, without even really understanding myself. Now in my early 30’s and after years of abuse and abandoning my authentic goddess mindset, I see exactly what has happened. I lost my confidence. I lost my inner self positive talk. I am so happy to say though, I found it again. However, not just found, I am stronger, braver, healthier and more confident than I ever have been. I am going to share with you some steps, I call Goddess Mindset, to help you find that confidence again, or maybe for the first time.

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Everyone DESERVES to live the life they want.

The 6 Goddess Mindsets.

  1. Believe in yourself, see your worth and work on YOU every day in every way that makes you feel like your best version. A goddess doesn’t doubt herself, her beauty or her abilities.
  2. Accept your flaws, then love them and you for you.
  3. Make eye contact with people. Eye contact makes us look confident. If you’re trying to attract your soulmate, when you see a man that is attractive, fight the urge to look away when he looks at you. Set yourself apart and look at him for a few seconds. This WILL feel weird. Hold the look, this gives him permission from you to approach you. This also shows you are extremely confident.
  4. Hold your head high when you walk. Shoulders back, straight spine.
  5. Daily affirmations.
    I AM Confident.
    I AM Brilliant.
    I AM Sexy.
    I AM my best self.

  6. Wear things you LOVE. Make-up, Hairstyles, Matching Sexy Underwear, Nice Shoes, A Nice Purse. Does not matter. Wear what makes you feel amazing. Wear it for you. This will shine confidence.
Allow the goddess within to shine through with confidence.
-Laura Lee

When was the last time you smiled and held eye contact? Try it. Leave a note on how these steps helped you!

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Written by Laura Lee Harrison ( Inspire By Laura) For Gabriela Cruz Photography