7 Top Vancouver Date Night Ideas

It can be hard to keep the spark alive. Life gets in the way. Kids. Work. Stress. You know the drill. So we’ve put together a list of GREAT date night ideas in Vancouver to keep that spark alive between the two of you. 

Best Date Ideas in Vancouver

You’re young. You’re in LOVE. And living in one of Canada’s greatest cities, and you want to spend the night (and the rest of your lives!) together. 

So let’s start with what the two of you will get up to this evening, tomorrow, this weekend, or the next … here are a few great Vancouver date night ideas for the romantics within you both.

Sunsets At The Beach

Take a stroll out to Kitsilano Beach together, curl up with a beach blanket, and watch the sunset together. It seems like such an easy and simple date idea, but it can be one of the most magical moments you spend together. Pop a bottle of wine, bring a sweater, and rest your head upon his shoulder while you gaze out onto the water. 

date night at Vancouver Art Gallery

Famous for its world-class exhibitions, the Vancouver Art Gallery is a great place to hold hands, stroll together, and gaze adoringly at all of the wonderful pieces of art … including your loved one. 

An Outdoor Picnic at Stanley Park

Stanley Park is one of the most beautiful public parks in Vancouver, with plenty of places to duck off into a world that’s all your own. Pack your own picnic, or grab a pre-made meal at one of our favorite Vancouver restaurants. (Check out this great list of takeout restaurants in Vancouver) Snuggle up under the stars, watch the sun set, and enjoy being in each other’s company. 

Take In A Spa Day

You might have to give him a bit of a nudge, but trust us – he’ll love it. Go and relax together, get your mani-pedis on, towels and robes and treat yourselves. (We recommend Willow Stream Spa

Enjoy A Vancouver Stay-Cation

Sometimes dolling up in a house robe, ordering champagne and hors d’oeuvres to your front door, and sleeping in a luxurious bed can be the ultimate getaway. So what if you’re not sun-bound this year? Check out a few local hidden gem hotels in Vancouver, and book your stay-cation together (phones off!). 

Ready to take the plunge?

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A Couples Boudoir Session

You know how intense, how deep, and how strong that love between the two of you is. That passion that ONLY you two share. The way you look at one another. The way you touch, the linger … those soft kisses. The safe way you feel in his arms. 

Why wouldn’t you want to capture that? To have a piece of that to hold onto for forever?

A couples boudoir session is not dirty. This isn’t pornography.

This is a celebration of the love you have for one another. Witness to the adoration that has built you. What you have overcome together. What you have created. A testament to the most raw, pure, and vulnerable emotion that is undeniably between you. 

Let’s capture that. 

A couples boudoir session is our ultimate Vancouver date idea. 

Let’s Stay In Love

No matter the day to day that gets to all of us, the person you’re with deserves 100% of you, 100% of the time. And so do you. 

Here are a few easy little tips to keep showing your loved one that you care (show him this list, too!)

  • Leave love notes around the house, or with a coffee.
  • Cook their favorite meals.
  • Listen. Really listen.
  • Keep flirting!
  • Never stop taking one another out on dates.
  • Learn their love language. Speak it fluently.
  • Tell them they’re beautiful.
  • Don’t take one another for granted.

Everyday should be a testament to your relationship, to your love. 

Celebrate Self-Love With Boudoir

Single? That’s great: you should be your biggest fan in life – seriously. Girl. Don’t sit around waiting for someone to show you the strong woman that you ARE. Own that. Own yourself.

Celebrate yourself with boudoir. Trust us. No relationship is ever going to compare to the self-love YOU can have for yourself. And you don’t need it to.

You are your biggest fan, your biggest cheerleader, your biggest supporter … and when you’re looking for that space to feel


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