8 Fantasy Spring and Summer Boudoir Photography Themes We LOVE

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Spring is around the corner, even if the air is still crisp. And with that comes the desire to go for walks in the forest and watch the trees as they sprout their spring buds… and a spring boudoir photoshoot, of course!

We love the idea of stripping off the winter confinements – GOODBYE boots, tuques, and scarves! It’s time to slip into a world where everything is waking after being covered in a blanket of snow.

8 fantasy spring & summer boudoir photoshoot themes from Edmonton and Vancouver based boudoir studio Gabriela Cruz Photography

This spring, we are all about GREENERY. FLORALS. FAIRY TALES. DARK ENCHANTED WOODS. We want to make your boudoir session more than the usual fantasy. We want to make you a part of a fantasy world.

During the winter, we tend to hibernate, close ourselves off, and we find ourselves waiting… and waiting. Want to awaken your dormant GODDESS within? Then join us for an exclusive Spring or Summer Boudoir photo session.

SO, in celebration of spring, here are our top 8 pick for spring/summer inspired boudoir photography themes…

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1 – Snow White Solo Boudoir Photography Session

Who hasn’t watched at least one Disney movie and loved seeing the confident woman protagonist trek her way through a woodland forest? Our first pick for a Disney princess is Snow White.

Why not choose to channel the vibes from Kristen Stewart’s portrayal in Snow White and the Huntsman in your very own solo session. Which vibe will you prefer? Where she makes her way through a dark and dangerous forest, or will you choose the verdant sanctuary of the fairies, a green and lush hidden locale untouched by the evil Queen’s magic.

2 – Snow White and The Huntsman Couple’s Boudoir Photo Shoot

Turn this into a couple’s session as your male partner poses as the Huntsman who stumbles upon you and can’t resist your strength and beauty despite his orders to capture you. Set the scene for a romantic and irresistible couple’s boudoir photography session with our limited-time Enchanted Forest set.

Gabriela Cruz Boudoir Photography Edmonton

3 – Sleeping Beauty Solo Photography Session

Also given the title Sleeping Beauty in the Woods, play the role of a princess who has been cursed to sleep for one hundred years by an evil fairy. The story of Sleeping Beauty offers the perfect opportunity for an angelic photo session surrounded by blossoming florals and a thriving enchanted forest.

4 – Sleeping Beauty Couple’s Photography Session

As the fairytale goes, Sleeping Beauty is awoken from her slumber by a handsome prince. Why not include your prince in your very own couple’s boudoir photo session? Take advantage of your prince discovering you in a serene and peaceful locale, one filled with magic and allure, as it is your mystery that has attracted the prince to seek you out.  

5 – Elf Arwen Undómie

From the fictional story of J. R. Tolkien’s, The Lord of the Rings, Arwen Undómie is the half-elven beauty who falls in love with a future king. Elves are known for their delicate features and have a whimsical presence in the forest.

Gabriela Cruz Boudoir Photography Edmonton - Spring Woodland Fairy Photoshoot

6 – Spring Woodland Fairy Boudoir Photoshoot

In this fantasy spring or summer boudoir theme, we see a mix of Tinker Bell and woodland fairy. The story of Tinker Bell has always been a bit of a mystery, which we believe you could take advantage of. Who is this beautiful fairy? Where did she come from?

Add in plenty of Pixie dust to give that shimmer and glow to your luxurious skin and surround yourself with our captivating and enchanted forest.

7 – Alice In Wonderland

Alice was a lost woman who didn’t want to be found. It is dark, quirky, and nonsensical and can be whatever you want it to be. It’s a dream world where you don’t know who or what will appear around the next tree in the dark woods you are exploring.

What will be in your fantasy land? Will you see the Mad Hatter? Or perhaps have a conversation with the Cheshire cat? Whatever you envision your Alice to be, have fun portraying her in a unique summer photography appointment.

Are you ready to strip off your inhibitions and winter clothes all at once? Contact us about a boudoir shoot, today.

Gabriela Cruz Photography Couples Boudoir Photoshoot Session

8 – Guinevere and Lancelot

Are you a fan of the portrayal of lady Guinevere in the movie First Knightby Julie Ormand as much as we were? And who can resist the steamy and forbidden love she and Lancelot had for each other? Why not recreate the forest scene where he rescues her with your own Lancelot, only a lot steamer?

Picture it: you and Lancelot have taken advantage of a recent downpour. You are both soaked, your hearts pounding after your recent and thrilling escape from death. You are quenching your thirst from the droplets on the lush greenery that surrounds you. As you collect the droplets of rain on your luscious red lips, Lancelot looks at you as if his thirst has yet to be quenched. 

We LOVE the idea of making this scene come to life in one of our couple’s boudoir photo sessions.

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BONUS IDEA – Spring / Summer Mother Goddess Pregnancy Boudoir Photoshoot

I mean, seriously… Don’t you just 😍 LOVE THIS?

Gabriela Cruz Boudoir Photography Edmonton

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