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FAQ about Couples Boudoir Shoots

We have gotten a LOT of questions over the years about couples boudoir shoots. They require an entirely different level of vulnerability and trust. SO, we’ve decided to drop in some answers to your most frequently asked couples boudoir questions.

Do we have to be naked for this photoshoot?

Nope. We specialize in “implied nudity” which means that your most intimate parts of yourself can stay covered (whether in perfectly place lingerie or beneath the sheets) so that you never have to be nude in front of our staff.

Are these pictures of actual sexual acts?

Absolutely not. We do not want any actual sexual acts being performed in our studio. For the safety and comfort of everyone in the studio we are very specific about what is and is not allowed during a couples boudoir shoot. We are creating intimate photography, not pornography. We can help you imply things that aren’t actually happening through specialized posing.

Are there other men at your studio?

We know that women tend to feel safest and most comfortable without other men around for these types of shoots. Even though we do allow male spouses/partners present for our shoots and are happy to work with an all-male couple we have an all-female staff for the comfort of our female clientele.

How do I get my partner on board?

Great question! A lot of women have a hard time getting their male counterparts on board for a couples shoot. We’ve written an ENTIRE blog post about this exact topic.

👉 Read about getting your male partner on board (more coming for other partnerships in the future).

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