Client Story – Amber’s Self-Love Journey

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We caught up with this STUNNING client after her boudoir shoot to ask her some important questions about the experience and her overall journey. Her answers didn’t shock us but we DID know immediately that we needed to share them with you!

If you’ve ever been on the fence about doing a boudoir shoot this story will help you see why taking that leap really DOES mean putting yourself first.

“Boudoir is something I’ve always wanted to do. It was a bucket list item for me that at one point I gave up on because I became a mom.”

Body image and confidence issues held her back from booking her boudoir shoot

“I had huge body image, confidence and self-esteem issues. Even now, they are still there but I work towards not feeding energy into that negativity. Money was also a big part in it. Something always came up that was just higher on the priority scale than doing something for me. Kids needs always came first.”

Amber was nervous walking into our edmonton boudoir studio

“It was so nerve racking! I just kept saying to myself, “Holy crap, I’m actually doing this!  There is no turning back or rescheduling now.” I was full of anxiety because I have never done a photo shoot in my life!!! …and here I am going to do a boudoir….really!?! Anyone that knows me knows when I do something I go all the way and make the most out of it. I remember thinking to myself “ugh, I hate how my body looks but they will make me look amazing so let’s do it”

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The most empowering moment of Amber’s boudoir session with Gabriela Cruz

“Wearing the angel wings and GCP dress with my hair and makeup done by the amazing Heather was so awesome and made me feel like I could overcome anything life continued to throw at me. Getting all the body positive feedback during the shoot was so awesome and totally transforms you and how you hold yourself during the shoot. What I felt like at the beginning was so polar opposite and different from how I felt at the end. There was no holding back and I was game for anything they wanted to try. Why not?”

Boudoir shoots are all serious, Amber had a lot of fun

“I can NOT for the life of me do the sexy front crossover walk with out falling over…I just about died laughing trying so hard cause I kept losing my balance. Definitely not graceful by any means, but I try….sometimes 🤏🏼😁 Even on one of my subscription shoots we did it and again I was falling all over myself but having the best time doing it. “

Her nerves were high but the team helped her feel great

“I was very nervous about how everything was going to turn out and if I was doing what I was supposed to and would it look ok?!? What if I didn’t like how they turned out? I had every negative thought and scenario running through my head. The ladies at GCP were so personable and amazing. I was able to chat with them and before I knew it all my worries had vanished and we were going with the flow and having the best time throughout the whole experience.”

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She chose two styles for her boudoir shoot for a good reason

“I chose those two particular looks to correspond with some of the challenges I have overcome and some I still face in the different parts of my life and how different people get different versions of me. I sometimes feel like the darkest light, going from one extreme to the next.  I’ve been on a path of healing and rebuilding the broken woman I once was. The blush wings for me were a symbol of strength, love and empowerment. To never give up being gentle and kind. Showing that being genuine and still wanting to help others despite my past experiences has helped strengthen the person I am today.

The darker look and black wings for me was to signify the battle and fight I have been facing that is all too consuming.  Hold strong, be steady and don’t lose focus. The strength I have had to show and the obstacles that I have had to overcome are what make great movies and binge worthy tv series. I overcome all that is meant to destroy me. Not giving up, rolling with the punches and working towards the light at the end of the tunnel. I may be pretty but I am fierce when pushed. From the darkest dark to the lightest light, I am who I am, I hold steady and fight.”

Amber brought a personal prop that took her session up a level

“The rollerskates for me are a huge part of my life. I played roller derby for 7 years before I became a mom. Playing roller derby was one of the best times of my life. It helped me gain so much confidence in myself through skating and the sisterhood that was created through the many teams and leagues I competed with and against. I travelled to some amazing places and had some crazy adventures. Strapping on my skates and rolling down a path or around my house washing dishes is so relaxing for me. It was a time when I was the happiest. When in doubt, skate it out! “

We’d like to take a moment to thank Amber for her amazing courage in sharing her story and experience with everyone reading it here on our blog. We are all on our own journeys of self love – some taking detours and roundabouts along the way.


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