Boudoir and Self-Confidence

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You might be thinking, how can boudoir boost your self-confidence? 

Boudoir is more than just sexy clothing and sultry poses. Boudoir is rarely something that somebody walks into the studio and is immediately comfortable with. There’s an entire discovery process that goes along and behind the scenes before, during, and after your boudoir shoot. 

SO MANY women come through those studio doors and walk out with an entirely different mindset. By the time women are done their photo session, they walk out of those studio doors just emanating:  

  • Strength
  • Empowerment
  • Relaxation
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-confidence

And that looks GOOD on you. 

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How can boudoir photography boost your self-confidence?

It takes confidence to do something you’re afraid of, or even unsure of. Have you ever seen beautiful boudoir photos and thought, “I wish I could do that.”?

You can.

Anybody can. You can do anything, the first step is always going to be the hardest. 

Just booking a boudoir consultation can help you discover your strength

That first inquiry might be tough. You’ll have all sorts of questions about boudoir shoots – or you may not even know what you want to ask us. That’s okay girl – we are here for you. 

Every time you do something that makes you nervous, and you conquer that feeling, you’ve planted yourself firmly into the first steps of self-confidence.

Contact us now. We can’t wait for you to take that first step and once you do, we will be here the rest of the way to help guide you through the journey of self-confidence through boudoir. 

Boudoir can help you feel beautiful in your own skin

We spend a LOT of time looking in the mirror – especially as women – and criticizing our appearance. We always think we’re ‘too much’ this, or ‘not enough’ this.

I want you to stop that right now – because you are enough. You are perfect, just the way that you are.

We don’t see ourselves for how we truly are. Think of the last time you looked at somebody else’s body – a real human being, your partner, or a girl confidently strutting down the street in a crop top – did you think to yourself,

“Look at their stretch marks.”

Wow, that waist size.”

“Look at their wrinkles.”

No, you didn’t – because our criticisms are usually directed inwards. We have a tendency to self-criticize, rather than criticize others.

And other people work the same way.

NOBODY is going to look at you and think about those things. Nobody is going to criticize you. 

Once you realize this, you discover an absolute strength – that you are beautiful in your own skin.

Need a confidence boost?

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You Feel Beautiful No Matter What You Wear at a boudoir shoot

You do not have to wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you feel the sexiest in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you can wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

If you want to dress to the nines and wear a corset, leggings, and even wings, we support you.

We have a great list of recommendations for online lingerie stores if you’re not sure where to start. 

You ARE beautiful, no matter what you wear to your boudoir shoot. Self-confidence comes from within – not from what you’re wearing. And we’re here for you every step of the way.

You might Discover A Community of Empowered Women

You think you’re the first woman to go through with that phone call, book the session and immediately experience panic and anxiety? Nah, sis.

Trust us – EVERYBODY gets those jitters. But everybody who has done their boudoir session is able to breathe easier afterwards. Most women can’t wait to see those photos right away. 

If you’re nervous, consider reaching out to somebody who’s discovered their self-confidence through boudoir before your shoot. If you don’t know anybody who’s done a boudoir shoot, you can reach out to us! We have, and we can give you great guidance.

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Self-Confidence Is A Journey: Raw Vulnerability Takes Strength

Being vulnerable is one of the STRONGEST things you can do. It takes more strength to be vulnerable than it does to be closed to opportunities, to people, to new walks of life, or anything that brings initial discomfort. 

Boudoir is a stop along the way of your journey of self-confidence. It’s a launching point; it’s being able to see yourself for who you really are: beautiful, strong, self-confident, and sexy. 

Vulnerability is OKAY.

It’s STRONG to be vulnerable.

Did you know?

When you book in for a boudoir shoot with us we will send you prep guides to help you pick out the right themes, clothes, and more?

We work together with all our clients to build a personalized experience EVERY TIME.

Client Testimonials: Body Confidence and Boudoir 

We’ve been at this for a long time, and we’ve seen so many women transformed by boudoir, and discover their self-confidence. Here are a few of our favourite memories and love letters from former clients:

“Today I had my photos taken with these lovely women, and it was truly amazing. I would recommend this experience for every woman of every shape and size. They were amazing with hair, makeup, experience, and pictures. This was my gift to myself, and I am so thankful for the experience. If you are thinking about it, just DO IT!”

“You’ll have the most amazing experience with Gabriela Cruz Photography! A photoshoot with them will make you feel so confident, comfortable and empowered. They care so much about their clients and cater every photoshoot to that clients wishes!”

“I have always had a self esteem issue… Too short, legs to muscular, flat chested, not feminine. Yahozka and her team (specially Heather!)  was amazing at showing me that I could be fierce AND feminine at the same time! Thank you for an amazing birthday boudoir shoot!”

“I can’t express the amount of gratitude and high praise I have for the women here!!! They are so professional. Not only do they make you feel comfortable in a vulnerable state, they make you feel like a goddess; a queen!! I took part in a mini session which included hair & makeup services through Heather with Smudge Makeup, a 30min shoot with Yahozka and a set of digital images. For how powerful I felt after leaving that mini session, I can only imagine the kind of high you would have after a full session in the care of the GCP team! Don’t be shy. Book the shoot and embrace the badass woman you are!!  Thank you a million!!”

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