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GCP's favourite boudoir props for kinky and BDSM boudoir shoots

Our favourite props for a BDSM and kink boudoir shoot

Earlier this year we launched our new After Dark set at the GCP studio in Edmonton. To go along with this hot new set we had to have some hot new props. Here are our FAVOURITE props for your next BDSM and kink boudoir shoot! Heels Handcuffs Collars Ball gag Leg Spreader Bar Heels kick things up a notch There really are few substitutes for heels when it comes to kink boudoir shoots. Heck, you

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8 creative ways to spice up your first boudoir photoshoot

You’ve seen our images. You’ve seen our sets. You booked your first boudoir shoot. You already know it’ll be absolute FIRE 🔥 but you want something more. Here are our top 8 ways to spice up your first boudoir photoshoot! 1. Bring a Prop or Clothing Item Hats, heels, your significant other’s shirt. Whatever has a special meaning to you that you think will give that little extra touch to your shoot! But don’t overdo

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Limited Edition Forest Set at Our Edmonton BOUDOIR Studio

It’s been a while since we did a limited edition set at our Edmonton studio, so we KNEW it was time. We fell SO in love with this set that it was nearly impossible to tear it down. Keep reading to see how we built it, why we loved it, and the AMAZING boudoir photos that came from it. Building a new set in the GCP Edmonton boudoir studio Originally, the idea was for the

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Hi! Im Yahozka, owner and one of the photographers at Gabriela Cruz Boudoir & Photography! Here you will find posts on how to make the most of your boudoir session with us and tips and guidance on how you can live your best life as an empowered woman!

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