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Are you looking for a boudoir shoot that is seriously next level?

Want your pictures to tell a story? Want to step into a fantasy?

We’ve got you covered.

Our elaborate sets are just what you need to create a cinematic boudoir shoot!

Our down to earth, home-style sets create the perfect ambiance for a lifestyle boudoir shoot.

But what are those and how will they make YOUR boudoir dreams come true?

Want to take your boudoir shoot to the next level and tell a STORY with your photos? A cinematic shoot might be just what you need.

What is a lifestyle boudoir shoot?

A lifestyle boudoir shoot is like a peek behind the curtains of life.

The final photos give off a feel of seeing into someone’s life – yours.

We create this feeling by using natural sets that resemble a home. We help you pose and move through the sets in a very realistic way so that your photos come out looking as though you were just going about your business and we caught a glimpse into your life.

Of course, to make it boudoir we usually work with lingerie, a t-shirt and panties, or bathtub and bed sets.

It’s all about telling a story.

The story of you.

What is a cinematic boudoir shoot?

A cinematic boudoir shoot is a lot like a lifestyle shoot except that it’s a little less realistic and little more tied to fantasy.

Our after dark set is naturally amazing for this. It has two distinct zones that tell two distinct stories. One is focused on stripper-esque elements (think neon lights, mirrors, hanging glass beads) and the other has a more home library / office / den feeling.

BUT we know that fantasy has many themes and we want to help you bring out every fantasy we can think of. So we create temporary sets multiple times every year. Ever-changing sets with different feelings, ambiance, and different stories to tell.

What fantasy will you unlock?

Looking for something more form-focused and less about story and set? A traditional boudoir shoot might be just what you need.


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