I had such an incredible experience for my boudoir shoot with Edmonton Boudoir Studio Gabriela Cruz Boudoir & Photography. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time, so to see these photos of myself feels surreal! But what I loved most about the shoot is that it was about so much more than the photos. Yahozka, the visionary behind Gabriela Cruz Photography (GCP), has truly created a full empowerment experience.⁣

My amazing day started with a massage, followed by hair & makeup with the oh-so-talented Heather from Smudge Makeup – Heather Thieson, and then the shoot itself. During the shoot, I felt completely safe and comfortable with Yahozka and Heather guiding each look and pose – not to mention damn sizzlin’ hot at every moment! I truly believe that every human should have this experience at least once in their lifetime (note that GCP specializes in women’s empowerment photography, but they also have divisions for men and couples boudoir). ⁣

I look at these photos and I’m thrilled to see my complex, multi-faceted self. A woman who is feminine and fierce, soft and strong, regal and magical. For my look, I asked for dark, witchy vibes which Heather TOTALLY nailed – and then of course I ended up in the floofiest princess dress with a sparkly crown on my head. What can I say – “sparkle” is this witch’s middle name ✨⁣

I’m delighted to share these photos because Yahozka and Heather truly made me look and feel like a queen, and it was an empowering experience that I’m proud to share! But be warned as you swipe through the photos – after all, it was a boudoir shoot 🔥

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