About Me

Hey, I am 33 years old and work in the oilfield as a catering manager.  I wanted to do a boudoir photography session as Christmas gift for my boyfriend but also a confidence boost for my self.  This was my first time doing a boudoir shoot. I found GCP online and loved all their excellent reviews and their social media images were beautiful.

My Experience

I have struggled all my life with weight and eating disorders and I wanted to see myself how other people see me. One of my biggest fears before the sessions was the fact that I was sharing my body flaws with complete strangers! Throughout the shoot I felt incredible in the moment. To be honest, looking at the unretouched photos was the most difficult part. I always pick myself apart and hate on my body. It’s been a serious issue for a long time. In so many of  the photos I thought I looked really beautiful. My favorite part of the experience was the feeling of being beautiful all day. Heather and Yahozka were so kind and uplifting.  We had lots of laughs and beautiful sets, gorgeous outfits and options to choose from. I honestly wouldn’t change anything about my experience at all!

My Advice to you

When it comes to self love I think it means seeing more good in your body than negative. Self love is being happy with who you are in your entirety. Take a deep breath. No one is judging your rolls other than yourself. No one notices the cellulite on your legs except you. Enjoy the moment and try to see the beauty in your body. I absolutely think everyone should just do a boudoir shoot. It helps you see yourself in a different light. Puts you in a situation you’re uncomfortable with and pushes you to step out of your comfort zone in a good way. It’s worth every penny.

– Ami


Hey girl, hey! I am ready (and oh-so-excited!) to help you plan your boudoir session! This is an experience that is designed to remind you of your worth, your strength, and your undeniable beauty. I’m over here waiting on you to hit “submit” on this form, so that we can finally chat!

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