About Me

Hey Beautiful people -I’m Krista, 33, Doula, born and raised in Small Town Northern Ontario. After spending 12 years moving around Canada, including that 1 year in Ireland, my life currently sees me living in Edmonton.  Most of my time I spend learning and discovering who I am away from the labels from people and society I’ve been carrying around for 31 years. 2 years ago (right after I moved to Edmonton). I consciously made many efforts to live the life I wanted and to live out loud as the Krista I was living inside myself.

Why did you do a boudoir Shoot?

I never felt I was worthy of being a “Beautiful Girl”. Getting pictures taken, wearing makeup or getting my hair done were things I didn’t think were reserved for me. I spent 2+ years rewriting my identify and beliefs, working on my body and mindset and prioritizing investing in myself that booking a boudoir/ empowerment session was my reward to myself. I am a Beautiful Girl and there is NOTHING in this world that I’m not worthy of. This was my first boudoir shoot (first photoshoot ever) and by golly it will NOT be my last.

What did you love about your experience?

I went into the shoot feeling pretty confident. I’ve been actively and consciously working on my self-love, physical body, mental health, spiritual relationship, all that good stuff. The best part was the photo reveal. I was in awe that I look like that. That is to say up until that moment, I’ve never seen myself look like I did in those photos. It was a beautiful moment for me to see photographic proof that I am a radiant, sexual, beautiful woman. I didn’t anticipate the level I would soar to in my self-worth/ confidence AFTER the photoshoot.  Afterwards I saw and felt something come alive inside me that I never felt before. It came so effortlessly, like it was always there just waiting to bloom.

What Does Body Positive Mean to you?

Body positivity is about your attitude, not size. It’s how you view your worth and how you take up space (energetically) in the world. Also it’s about believing you are deserving of good thing. It’s about surrounding yourself with things/people who lift you up, not tear you down. Self love is about putting yourself first and honouring yourself for where you came from, where you are and where you can go. As a result every single woman should do a shoot like this. Women, see yourself for how amazingly beautiful and sexy you actually are. Give yourself this gift, it is lifechanging in the BEST way possible. I mean, if you don’t want to be pampered, feel powerful in your body, have a fabulous time, hang out with rad woman, and overall have THE BEST DAY, then ugh, stay away. Don’t do it. Your vibe wouldn’t be welcomed anyway.


Hey girl, hey! I am ready (and oh-so-excited!) to help you plan your boudoir session! This is an experience that is designed to remind you of your worth, your strength, and your undeniable beauty. I’m over here waiting on you to hit “submit” on this form, so that we can finally chat!

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