About Me

I’m 25 years old and raised in central Alberta on a farm. I just completed my graduate studies and am doing the grown up thing. I’m working full time and keeping life busy with hobbies and opportunities for self growth. Honestly one of my biggest fears going into the shoot was that I wouldn’t like any of the pictures. As soon as we started the session that fear slipped away because I had so much fun and felt so comfortable in front of the camera. Doing this shoot  gave me validation – I knew in the back of my mind that I wasn’t ugly and with the right clothes and the right makeup I could be pretty.

My favourite part of the session

The viewing of the pictures at the end was my favorite part – to see the physical proof that I was indeed beautiful.  When I saw myself myself, naked, in lingerie, and glowing with happiness, it made me realize I was beautiful. I could finally see what so many others have told me so often! I have a great smile, soft curves and a sense of humor that comes out in everything I do. As a result every part of my body looked right, like it was meant to be there and be a part of me. When I saw my pictures it  finally allowed me to love my whole self. I was left with no doubts that I was beautiful and worthy of being loved and worshipped in a healthy relationship one day.

My Advice

If I had any advice to offer someone thinking about doing a session it would be this: do it for you. Do it to fall in love with yourself. Your body is yours, and your image is yours.  Therefore you don’t need a reason to appreciate it. You don’t need to give it away. Even if you never show another soul the pictures, it is still worth it to do a session. Just to have those pictures for yourself to remind yourself how others see you in the world.

– M


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Hey girl, hey! I am ready (and oh-so-excited!) to help you plan your boudoir session! This is an experience that is designed to remind you of your worth, your strength, and your undeniable beauty. I’m over here waiting on you to hit “submit” on this form, so that we can finally chat!

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