About Me

I’m a single mom and nurse, and I just turned 45 and decided to do a shoot as a present for myself for my birthday. Also I wanted to boost to my self esteem and to feel more feminine. It was important to me to  feel female, and not just a mom or a bread winner. This wasn’t my first experience doing boudoir but I’m happy to say that GCP was 1000% BETTER!!! I decided to choose GCP for two reasons because it caught my attention as a team that did photoshoots, but also because of their messages of empowering women and self-actualization through their Facebook group.

The Shoot

My favorite part was the shoot itself, especially the posing. I felt very beautiful and powerful through out and increased my self confidence. It was because of this shoot that I realized muscular legs can be sexy, and that short hair does not equate a lack of femininity. It’s a bit of a journey seeing the images for the first time and I’m thankful that good friend gave me wise words: “The photo session is not meant to make me look like someone else. It is meant to show me what beauty I already have.” These words made me reflect on what the experience gave me and my self esteem, despite any negative thoughts I had.

My Advice

A positive body image and self love to me means acknowledging that I am not built the same way as everyone else.  Without a doubt I am a unique individual, and while I have an image of beauty and femininity in my head, I have to learn to appreciate the fact that my uniqueness is what makes me beautiful. Everyone has parts of their body they are not happy with… but we are more than our individual parts. Open your minds and enjoy! GCP will do their best to help you feel relaxed and comfortable, and will make sure you feel beautiful and powerful. I can’t say this loud enough – every woman should do this! I did this for me, not a partner or for someone else to view. Every woman needs and deserves a boost and to feel powerful. And every woman needs and deserve to be uplifted.



Hey girl, hey! I am ready (and oh-so-excited!) to help you plan your boudoir session! This is an experience that is designed to remind you of your worth, your strength, and your undeniable beauty. I’m over here waiting on you to hit “submit” on this form, so that we can finally chat!

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