About Me

Hey I’m Sarah, I’m an administrative assistant and university student, 24 years old. I wanted to do a boudoir shoot  because I gained weight and wanted to do a shoot to feel good about my body again! I’ve never done a shoot before, but my friend and I decided it was time and each booked our own session.

My Experience

Before the session I have to admit that I was nervous doing something new and I wasn’t very confident in my body before doing the shoot. I was afraid I wouldn’t feel pretty or good about myself. I absolutely loved talking to and hanging out with the photographer and the hair/makeup ladies. They made me feel super comfortable and made sure I was enjoying myself. This shoot helped me appreciate my body and helped me feel more comfortable with myself! The entire time they were hyping me up and giving me so many compliments, I really appreciated it. I feel much better and happy with myself by the end of the day.

My Advice

Positive body image and self love are very important to me, I have a few mental health issues, so it’s been rough trying to come to terms with weight gain. If you’re thinking about doing a session,  just do it if you have the means to! It was such a good experience and everyone should get the chance to feel special and beautiful.



Hey girl, hey! I am ready (and oh-so-excited!) to help you plan your boudoir session! This is an experience that is designed to remind you of your worth, your strength, and your undeniable beauty. I’m over here waiting on you to hit “submit” on this form, so that we can finally chat!

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