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International women's Month

Pay Your Age

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In Celebration of international women's month

We're absolutely convinced that every single woman out there deserves to shine like the goddess she is. We all crave that sweet spot where our beauty and femininity are not just seen but also celebrated in the most beautiful light. So, guess what? We've decided to make this month all about you - yes, you! We're here to lift you up, one Boudoir Session at a time. Imagine unlocking a world of confidence and self-love that's been waiting to burst out. Let's make it happen together!

only 10 spots left

FOR international women's MONTH

We’ll replace our normally priced $400 session fee with your age when you book under this special

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Meet the Team

Hi! We are Yahozka, Christina and Heather! 

We are the all-female team behind the powerful images you see here! And if you look closely… you’ll see it’s US in the photos! That’s right, we know exactly how you feel being in front of the camera because we have been there too.

Our purpose is to create a custom, unique and authentic experience that’s inviting where you feel safe and comfortable being yourself. Feel all the feels, let your emotions unleashed because we are here for YOU. 

You’re here because a part of you KNOWS you have an inner goddess to unleash!

Take the first step – contact us and we’ll talk you through the ENTIRE process and answer EVERY question.

I want to learn more!



Here’s Everything Included In Your “Pay Your Age” Empowering Boudoir Session: 

  • Professional Glam Hair & Makeup Makeover
  • Posing Direction For EVERY Body Type
  • Complete Wardrobe Guidance & Access to our client closet!
  • Complimentary Session Enhancement (Wings, Bondage Set, Wet T set + More!
  • Same day viewing and ordering
  • Lunch
  • Complimentary Album with the purchase of a digital package
  • An Unforgettable Photoshoot In Our Gorgeous One of a Kind Studio

Normally valued at $400

Count me in!

*Your “Pay Your Age” session retainer covers the session day. Images are purchased seperately and start at $1800. Payment Plans Available.

Here's What You need to Know

Our Process


Let's break the ice

We are here to answer any and all questions you may have! If you prefer texting or email, we are happy to fill you in on anything you need to know. If you prefer over-the-phone then of course we can schedule a phone call. This allows us to personalise your session, just for you! We will go over everything  you need to know: packages, planning and more. Once you’re happy then we can move forward with selecting your date and finalizing your session.

Every woman is unique, and every session is unique and we want to reflect that every step of the way!


Girl - You got this!

You’ll begin the day with the ultimate pampering of professional hair & make-up from our qualified in-house artist.  Some bubbly beverages are available, and the music is vibing! Once you’re finalized outfits with your photographer your session begins! We’ll put you in touch with your inner goddess as we help guide you through the boudoir session of a lifetime! Every pose is directed and customized to flatter your unique body shape and style. No need to know what to do – we are there to make sure everything looks amazing

Be prepared to walk out feeling like a new woman!

Premiere Image

Yes!!! That is you!

OMG, you are going to be in awe of yourself when you see your slideshow up on the screen when you stay for an in-person reveal. For full day sessions this means you get to see your images THE SAME DAY as your session!

 You might think that we are showing you the wrong client but I can assure you, that is your gorgeous self up there. You’ll have the opportunity to select your favorite images and choose from a selection of luxurious physical products. 


only 10 spots left

booking form BELOW


💋 Your “Pay Your Age” session retainer covers the photoshoot itself, hair and make up with lashes, lunch, same day viewing, access to our sets and client closet as well as a complimenary album WITH the purchase of a digital package.

💋 $1800 minimum order required for albums, prints, and wall art. Minimum orders must be paid in full before your scheduled session. Payment plans are available if you’d like to pay your order in increments.

💋 If you are thinking about booking a session, the retainer fee will not be this low again. There are a limited number of these sessions available and when they are sold out the offer closes.

💋 Sessions must take place by 8/1/24.