Premier Edmonton AB Canada Boudoir Photographer Yahozka Godfrey

Yahozka Godfrey - Founder/Photographer

Hey! My name is Yahozka! Two questions I get asked a lot is “How do I pronounce your name?” and “Why Gabriela Cruz Photography?” Well here it is! The pronunciation of Yahozka is Ya-os-ka and since some people have a difficult time with my name, I decided to name my business after my little men Gabriel and Andres Cruz Godfrey - GabrielA Cruz :) . What else.. I am a social introvert. I love meeting new people but it takes me a long time to warm up. I love talking about photography and boudoir as you can probably tell! I love cupcakes and sweet wine and travel :)

My mission as Gabriel Cruz Photography is to inspire you to see you how I see you. Your true self. Boudoir isn’t just about feeling beautiful with sexy photos it is about getting you to understand that the fierce woman in the photograph is you. Every. Single. Day. She lives in side you and that woman can conquer any obstacle that stands in her way. So next time you look in the mirror. Look deep. She’s there . I don’t want women to look at their boudoir photos and just see a sexy beautiful woman because it’s more than that. I want them to print that photo create a wall art and put it up in their homes and every time that they are feeling down or need a little bit of a push just go look at that photo and then look in the mirror and see that is her, looking back. Boudoir, to me is about helping you to see that, find and seeing “her” the goddess within, always.

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Christina - Photographer

My name is Christina Voorhorst and to say I'm excited to specialize in boudoir portraiture with Yahozka is an understatement! I've been working as a photographer for over 5 years now, and when I pick up my camera I know I'm about to create a little slice of magic. The thing I love most about boudoir is that I get to take people like you out of your ordinary life and remind you again that you are truly extraordinary. Boudoir photography is about taking time to honour who you are as a person - in the skin you're in, in the stage you're in, at the age you are - and shine bright like you deserve. Every single body is so unique and beautiful, working as a photographer is really about showing you just how worthy you are. I love the entire process - from helping you wardrobe choose to reminding you to point your toes and rock your angles and curves to that "IS THAT ME?!" moment at the reveal. As a mom of 3 I know how busy and crazy life can get, and often self care is the last thing on our list. So to be able to encourage other people to stop and take a day for themselves is truly a gift I can't wait to give people.

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Heather - In house Hair & Make Up Artist

Heather Thieson of Smudge Makeup started her career as most girls in makeup do- sneaking into their mom's makeup bag at the tender age of 6.

Heather went to University for Theatre and fell in love with stage makeup, special effects, and prosthetics. This led to several years working in Theatre before moving to Edmonton, and launching her own freelance makeup company. Along the way, she taught herself hairstyling, and never looked back.

Heather has a soft spot for Boudoir, and worked with another studio for years as the in house Hair and Makeup artist before the studio closed in 2015.

She was thrilled to be to join the GC team, and be back helping empower woman of all ages, and backgrounds as they take a step out of their comfort zone and learn how incredible they truly are.

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Camille - Resident Massage Therapist

My name is Camille Wallach and I am a 2005 graduate of the Registered Massage Therapist program at Lethbridge Community College. I have been grandfathered with 2200 hours and am registered with NHPC. I am trained in several different massage types being; deep tissue, relaxation, myofascial cupping, TMJD Massage and pregnancy massage.
I have been part of the Gabriela Cruz photography team over the past year. It has been so fun helping all the wonder women relax and become comfortable before their shoots. The transformation in confidence in these women after one day is unbelievable!

The Boys Behind GCP

These are the boys behind GCP. Gabriel, Andres and my hubby Jesse aka, set designer, heavy lifter, budget tracker, and doer of all my crazy ideas.