Mentoring by Gabriela Cruz Photography

Do you want to be a professional photographer but you aren’t sure where to start?

Maybe you’ve been snapping some amazing pics for a while but want to learn how to work in a studio, use lighting, design sets, build better relationships with your clients, or expand your business using online marketing.

We’ve got you covered.

xoxo Yahozka

Why Choose Us?

After 5 years in the industry we’ve weathered a recession and a global pandemic. We’ve built strong ties with out online community, our clients, and our own brand.

We have extensive experience in boudoir, portrait, branding, family, wedding and pet photography. We’ve built a brand with a message and can help you do the same so you stand out from the crowd.

We have the formula for taking your business from an idea to a reality then, from a reality to a blazing success.

Choose us if you want:

✅ One on one support
✅ A knowledgeable team
✅ Business practices that WORK
✅ A personalized experience
✅ Hands-on training

What Makes Us Different

You’ve seen other photographers offering online workshops, courses, and training in Facebook groups.

It probably makes you wonder – what’s so different about Gabriela Cruz Photography?

The short answer: A lot.


A lot of the other mentorship photographers create pre-defined programs, charge you a whole lot of money, then expect you to know exactly how to apply things to your unique business situation.

We know that YOUR business isn’t the same as someone else’s. You need support that particular to YOUR struggled, challenges, and dreams.

We work with you to identify those roadblocks and find pathways to success.


Unlike other programs that are delivered entirely online, our mentorship includes in-person components.

We know that some of the most important parts of running a photography business are hands-on so we offer hands-on training.

Through our in-person support you will learn how communicate with and pose your clients. You’ll also learn lighting techniques and other hands-on photography skills.


We are here for you.

We want to help you even when you are NOT in our studio being trained in the art of photography.

We have online components to ALL of our mentorship options.

Personalized one-on-one online support is available as well as weekly check-ins for anyone who enrolls in our photography mentorship membership.

And we’re always available by email for everyone who needs a little extra help.

    This is best for anyone who's thinking of getting in the business or has already been in the business a while and wants to uplevel their company.
    per hour
    • Sit down with us
    • Ask us anything
    • Advice on posing
    • Marketing advice
    • Let's talk set design
    • Talk about anything else on your mind
  • Best Seller
    Spend a half day in the studio with us getting hands on experience and personalized advice. Best for anyone who needs just a little bit of guidance.
    one time
    • 1hr Pre-Shoot Q&A Period
    • 1hr Shoot with a Model
    • Lunch
    • 2hr Post-Shot Q&A Period
    • What We Discussion + Tip Guide
    • 2hr Complimentary Use of GCP Studios
    For the serious photographer who wants to build their practice into an empowering profit machine.
    per month
    • Initial coffee date meeting
    • Basic business planning materials
    • Half-day guided in studio session to get you started
    • Weekly checkins and progress monitoring
    • Marketing planning materials
    • Access to our marketing expert 1 hour per month
    • 5 hours of complimentary studio rental time per month


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