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Sand set!

Friday April 26, 2024

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Shell-ebrate your curves with a sandy boudoir shoot.

for one day only experience luxury boudoir services at a budget friendly option

boudoir marathon

How does it work

A boudoir Marathon is one day of back to back sessions which allows you to experience luxury boudoir on a budget
On the day of your mini session

-Arrive at the studio at the scheduled time where you will be greeted by a memeber of the GCP Team and welcomed into the studio

– You will begin with makeup with Heather, our GCP exclusive artist in the private makeup room located in the upstairs of the studio

– Once your makeup is completed, your photographer will show you where the change room is, discuss your outfit options, and begin your session

-your mini boudoir session will take place in the sand set, in the completely private portion of the studio. During your session the next client may arrive to begin makeup – you may hear them, but privacy is paramout

– once your session is complete you will recive your proofing gallery of all images within 3-4 business days

– Once you have completed the selection process, your final images will be ready in 12-14 business days

I want To Book The Mini Experience 

 $150.00 booking fee due at time of booking
Remaining Balance due 24 hours prior to your session
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Frequently Asked Questions

where are you located?

We are conviently located in a suburban neighbourhood in South Edmonton, just 5 minutes off of the Anthony Henday Highway! Our studio is private 3 story house located in a residential area . The address is 3823 17a Ave NW, Edmonton, AB 

Do you offer payment Plans?

Yes! Absolutely! Every session requires a retainer due at the time of booking. The remainder of your session cost can be divided up between weekly, biweekly or monthly payments. We offer auto-charge credit card payments or scheduled e-transfer reminders.

Who will be at my session?

3 People: You, your Hair and Makeup Artist, and your Photographer! We are an all female team and we take privacy very seriously. We strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and for that reason we only book one full day session per day so that you will not be rushed, or have anyone intrude on your session. 

I don't know what to wear!

We got you! We will send you a complete guide on how to choose outfits, different ideas and suggestions for what you may already have in your wardrobe. Boudoir can be sexy lingerie sets, but it can also be a cute t-shirt, cut off shorts, a cozy sweater or anything else that is in your definition of sexy.

For our full day sessions we also offer access to our 100+ piece client wardrobe to compliment or enhance your own items.

I don't want my photos shared, is that okay?

Of course! We have a model release form as part of contract and one of the questions in there is whether or not we can share your images. There are three options to choose: full release for social media, faceless release, or restricted. These are YOUR images, and it’s your choice who gets to see the final product! Of course, if you end up wanting to share every image because you look so freaking fabulous, you can always update your model release 😉

How long do I have to wait for my images?

If you have purchased a full day session, you will view your images the SAME DAY as your session! During a light lunch your photographer will select your proofing gallery and do a light edit. Then you will get to sit down together and view the images and select your favourites. Your final images that you choose will be edited and delivered to you within 12-14 business days.

If you purchase a mini or half day session, you will recieve your proofing gallery containing your images within 72 hours. Once you have finalized your images choices you will recieve the final edited images within 12-14 business days.

Of course rush order is an option!

What kind of editing can i expect on my images?

Retouching is very much a personal preference. We offer two levels of retouching -both included in your package at no extra cost. If you have specific image requests we are more than happy to accommodate.

Basic editing involves light skin smoothing, removal of blemishes and marks, and bespoke image aesthetics.

 Advanced editing includes skin smoothing, blemish removal, gentle body contouring and bespoke image aesthetics.

What Kind of Products do you offer?

We currently offer a wide range of additional digitals, physical prints, albums, metal and canvas wall art and specialty gift items 

Meet the Team

Hi! We are Yahozka and Heather! 

We are the all-female team behind the powerful images you see here! And if you look closely… you’ll see it’s US in the photos! That’s right, we know exactly how you feel being in front of the camera because we have been there too.

Our purpose is to create a custom, unique and authentic experience that’s inviting where you feel safe and comfortable being yourself. Feel all the feels, let your emotions unleashed because we are here for YOU. 

You’re here because a part of you KNOWS you have an inner goddess to unleash!

Take the first step – contact us and we’ll talk you through the ENTIRE process and answer EVERY question.

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