Ms. M’s Plus Size Empowerment Boudoir Shoot

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We interviewed Ms. M about her boudoir experience and let us just say, it was nothing short of what we hoped for. Our aim at Gabriela Cruz Photography is to bring empowerment and self-esteem to EVERY boudoir photo shoot. Ms. M’s was no exception. Read her interview below 👇👇

Why did you want to do a boudoir shoot?

“I wanted to feel confident sexy and wanted to give something to my husband that is outside the box.”

A lot of our clients start off by choosing to do a boudoir shoot to make a gift for someone else but quickly find that THEY get the most benefit from the experience.

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Is there anything you want to share with our readers about your body image journey?

“I am plus size in all ways and have some issues with my body that I hate, have I ever been comfortable in my body no but since having a kid and letting myself go its been hard to regain that confidence, do I feel comfortable? No. BUT I am slowly getting there.”

“As a women we see features in magazines, actress, singers all looking amazing and I think the image provided by Hollywood is what we want to see our ourselves, but what we do not realize is that there is a team behind that one person who makes them look like what you see on tv. Behind the screen they are just like us, trying to be a better version of themselves.”

What was it like walking up to the front door of the GCP studio for your first boudoir shoot?

“I was nervous but knew right away I made the right decision the ladies opened the door and made me feel so welcomed. They were a whole boat load of confidence wrapped up into two individuals, their attitude, their presence it was everything. They truly made the experience what it was.”

We LOVE hearing things like this from our clients. We like to think of ourselves as more than photographers and makeup artists. We are your hype squad! Your empowerment team! We are here to be your shoulder to cry on, your biggest cheerleaders. To pump up the jams and make you feel like the goddess you are!

What was going through your head during the first pose?

“I was just thinking to myself can I pose in this like that, can I actually do this, will I look okay, will I look uncomfortable? I didn’t mention it [to the team]. I went with the flow and allowed for help when needed.”

What was the experience of a boudoir photoshoot like emotionally?

“It was all moving and emotional seeing myself in a different light and hearing positive reinforcement truly helped.”

“The jams are pumping throughout the whole session, but mid session we agreed to do a dance break so it was a break between poses where you just let go and unwind by dancing however you feel.”

What was it like to catch a glimpse of your raw images during the shoot?

“Christina showed me a couple of my images and I honestly did not think I was going to like what I seen as I really struggle with body image but I was so surprised it made me think wow is that actually me and yes it is me. It made me look at myself in a different perspective one that I wouldn’t have concerned before.”

Any advice for women who want to do boudoir but aren’t sure of themselves?

“DO THE SHOOT, DON’T LET FEAR GET IN YOUR WAY. You are beautiful and images like these will empower your image of yourself and show you that you are the fierce confidence empowered woman, here me roar.”


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