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A women’s boudoir shoot to remember

We caught up with Ms. S after her session to get her take on the experience and let’s just say, it didn’t let us down. We’re SO PROUD to have been a part of yet another amazing journey.

When we asked Ms. S to tell us about her boudoir shoot in one word, she said, “HOT” 🔥

But don’t let us steal the spotlight here. Let’s just get right into the interview!!

Q – What was it like, from walk in, to get ready, to pictures, to wrapping it all up?

A – Walking in, I wasn’t expecting the entire house to be dedicated to our shoot. My photographer was great, laying out all the best outfits according to her professional eye. While the makeup artist did her thang. And I mean, I was not expecting that level of snatched; I looked like a whole new person! Initially it was a little weird to be naked in front of strangers in the middle of the day on a Thursday, but after an outfit change or two, you really come into yourself and find your sex appeal.

Q – Was there anything you were unsure of or nervous about?

I think you’re always nervous to show your naked body off to strangers, but eventually you realize these ladies have seen it all and do not judge at all. 

For someone who feels awkward receiving compliments, it was hard at first to hear the photographer and makeup artist tell me how gorgeous and sexy I was. They did their very best to make you feel completely comfortable with every contorted angle you put your body into. 

Q – Anything else you want to share about your experience? Any moments that stood out?

The wet t-shirt was my favorite look. It was funny to do it, we were laughing the whole time as they sprayed my butt with water to get the beaded look on my skin, but the photos looked incredible. My favorite part of the studio was the bed because it looked the most natural.


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