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Scroll down to read all about Ms T’s self empowerment boudoir shoot experience. Was she nervous? Excited? What did it feel like to strip away the layers and step into her feminine power?

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“I’ve seen other friends complete photo shoots and they always talked about how empowering the experience was. I thought it would be a great way to bring me out of my comfort zone, try something different for myself.”

Tiffany’s goals for her boudoir experience echoed the goals of many women who’ve walked through our doors. It isn’t about showing off, it’s rarely just about the photos themselves – it’s about the experience, the empowerment, owning themselves, their bodies, and their sexuality.

Body positivity and self-empowerment are important for all women, regardless of size

In the era of body positivity we have trailblazers like Lizzo taking a hard stance on self-love for plus-sized women. But the conversation rarely swings around to women who naturally have smaller waistlines. People just assume that thin women automatically feel great about themselves and their bodies and receive nothing but positive feedback. That simply isn’t true.

“I have always struggled to feel comfortable in my own skin for as long as I can remember,” Tiffany tells us after her session. “Growing up I was always “skinny” and although the comments regarding my weight from others was possibly meant as a positive, it never felt that way. Comments like you need to eat more, get some meat on your bones, or why are you at the gym, you are already skinny enough. As an adult I have really tried to push myself to build up my confidence and remind myself that all sizes are beautiful.”

It’s normal to feel a little nervous before your first boudoir photoshoot

When Tiffany came in for her shoot I remember her being this interesting mixture of calm and nervous. She was super easy to talk to, get along with, and open to the experience. While you don’t NEED to be easy going to do a boudoir shoot (and nail your photos) it DOES help to be open to the experience. So, while Tiffany was a little nervous about the new experience her trust in us made all the difference.

For some of our clients, talking with us on the phone and through email before the session is what helps them feel comfortable. For others, it’s seeing pictures of other people’s shoots and reading posts like this on our blog. For Tiffany, self talk before her shoot was a big help.

“I was very nervous and almost cancelled a few times because I kept thinking, if I don’t feel good after this experience, in these pictures, maybe my own doubts were right BUT I reminded myself that this is important, this is for me.“

The overall experience of the boudoir shoot makes all the difference

Tiffany was nervous walking into her shoot but it wasn’t long before she started to open up. She told us she never really wore a lot of makeup and wanted to go all in for her shoot. Of course, this got Heather (our hair and makeup artist) very excited and it wasn’t long before the two of them were laughing and chatting it up.

“I felt nervous but as the time went on, both ladies made me feel so comfortable and it was great having that time to get to know them better (during makeup, etc.) before the photoshoot started.”

As she got out of the makeup chair and into the studio space it was amazing to watch the transformation in her. Honestly, it’s a process I will NEVER get tired of seeing. She was stiff for the first few poses but tried whatever I asked her to and became a pro in no time flat.

First pose I was so uncomfortable and nervous as I never knew how to really “pose” before. I was also wearing lingerie feeling a bit vulnerable.  Both ladies continued to provide positivity for me throughout the process. Seeing examples of how they were turning out brought me that confidence I did not have at the beginning and it provided me the opportunity to really challenge myself and enjoy the moment. It was really funny how difficult those poses can feel at times versus how they turn out – I definitely did not anticipate that going into it. I really enjoyed picking out a dress that they provided, I felt so elegant / empowered in that dress.”

Trust the process AND trust yourself

We asked Tiffany what her biggest advice would be for anyone who’s on the fence about their boudoir shoot. She said it better than we ever could.

“Remind yourself the reason you became curious about completing this experience in the first place and try to use whatever that reason was to challenge yourself in following through. I think it is important to go in with an open mind and be honest with maybe what your boundaries are and what you are wanting out of it (ie if you’re not comfortable in lingerie there are other options to discuss with them). Have trust in the process and in yourself, you deserve this.”


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