Our Favourite Boudoir Photography Sessions in Vancouver

October 27, 2021

Vancouver boudoir photography

That’s right. We’ve officially launched our Vancouver boudoir photography studio. 

Which means that WE are here to transform the idea of how YOU see yourself. Opening a brand new GCP studio in Vancouver has given me the opportunity to expand my skills, my services, and most importantly, my passion. 

My passion is truly in helping you call a truce with the wars you wage on yourself internally. To hold your head a little higher, to walk confidently, and to support you through the art of self-discovery and awareness that boudoir brings to you. 

So, if you’re in Vancouver and you’ve maybe been thinking:

“I’ve always wanted to try boudoir, and it looks like so much fun. But I feel like I can’t even take a decent selfie without criticizing myself! I could never do that.”

We’re here to put your fears, your insecurities, and your doubts to rest. We are here to help you discover the woman that you are – through the art of a boudoir photography experience.

Empowerment Through Boudoir Photography in Vancouver

There’s a great power that comes from seeing your beauty in print. An unparalleled experience.

Every part of the experience in boudoir is hand-curated to YOU – to explore your femininity, your inner self. The woman within that is waiting to be released, discovered, and shown that true compassion. 

I’m a believer in the power that boudoir photography can bring to women. Because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen that woman who walks timidly into our studios, and I’ve seen her fears become stripped away. I’ve seen the woman hiding inside of her become unleashed into somebody raw, and powerful. I’ve seen the look on her face as she stares at the photographs of herself, and sees a person she’s never recognized in her mirror.

I’ve seen you. In all of your shapes, sizes, and walks of life. 

Empowerment through boudoir is all about discovery of self, and all of the things about ourselves that we truly do love. It’s the realization that beauty doesn’t exist in any confines.

As women, we have a tendency to separate ourselves from confidence. From self-pride. There are many things we do to ourselves in a day that negate the effects of self-confidence, whether or not we realize it.

We wear ourselves down. We stare a little too long at our reflections in the mirror. We think, “I’m not pretty enough. I’m not skinny enough.”

We think, “I could never.” But the truth is – you can. And I’m on your side.  

(Read my blog post on the top 5 ways to boost YOUR self-confidence here!)

There’s a magical process that happens when you do a boudoir shoot, a discovery of the woman within. But it starts with that first step, that desire to know yourself for who you are. To become raw, vulnerable, and real. To think to yourself – 

I can.


 Preparing For Your First Boudoir Photography Session

Preparing for your Vancouver boudoir photography shoot

You may be nervous. You may be thinking, “Why did I decide to do this?” 

Did you decide to explore boudoir for yourself? As a gift for another? No matter why you decided to explore this powerful version of yourself, sometimes it’s difficult to find that confidence immediately before your first (or even subsequent!) shoot. Here’s some tips to prepare for your first boudoir photography session:

  • Try on your outfits beforehand. Wear them and feel comfortable in them, so you know how you’ll expect to feel. We recommend you bring as much as you can so we can go through the outfits together.

  • Book your session for the week after menstruation. This isn’t necessary, but a recommendation. We all get a little bloated, crampy, and overall ‘blah’ feeling when we’re premenstrual. If you get Aunt Flo for your session, that’s no problem! As long as you’re not in a lot of pain, don’t worry about rescheduling or the bloating etc. We have a little photoshop magic for that 😉 But no matter where you’re at in your cycle, remember that the female body is a beautiful thing, and we will capture the femininity within.

  • Pamper your skin. Put your hair up, and treat yourself to a long and luxurious bath in some gentle oils, soaps, bubbles, and salts. Shave the morning before your session. 

  • Wear comfy and loose-fitting clothing on your way to the studio. This way any lines left from bras or undergarments won’t be noticeable!

It’s easy enough to prepare your body, your skin, your hair and nails … but we have to talk about the emotional preparation that goes along with boudoir photography. 

This is why I’ve developed my FREE 12-month self-care challenge. This challenge is designed to help you learn the art of self-care, self-compassion, and self-love.

Because boudoir IS self-care. Trust me. After our session, you’ll look at your photos, and you’ll think to yourself,

“I didn’t know I could look like that. I didn’t know I could feel like this.

The beautiful thing about doing something you thought you COULDN’T do, is to see the things within yourself you NEVER thought you could see.

To be able to bring this confidence to the women of Vancouver, through our curated boudoir photography sessions – this is the greatest gift. Ladies – we thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to join you on this journey. 


Different Boudoir Session Themes To Inspire You

Our favorite Vancouver boudoir photography themes

  • Boudoir That Shows Strength

The foundation of boudoir IS that feminine strength. Some women gravitate naturally towards this, and others it takes a bit of coming around to. It’s easy to make clients feel sexy and beautiful – but to capture that strength within – that’s one of my favourite accomplishments. 

Confidence isn’t something you need to have before your shoot. Confidence is what comes out of you when you’re in front of that camera. Confidence is the strength that you and I bring out together. 

  • Couples Boudoir Sessions

Couples boudoir is the capture of the intimacy between you and your partner, in an artful and tasteful manner. I’ve done a number of couples boudoir shoots – including couples maternity boudoir shoots! These sessions are an incredible way to document and immortalize the love you have for one another. 

Think about it – you know the love you feel between the two of you. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate the connection, the passion, and the adoration between yourselves? 

You are worthy of this connection. I’m so happy to have worked with couples for boudoir photography sessions and witness the connection shared between two people. 

  • Dark, and Sexy

It’s time to dive into the shadows of yourself, and to face all of the parts within that are holding you back. 

When we think about boudoir, our mind goes to the sexy images – the pinned up hair, sleek lingerie, and the delicate lighting. But boudoir is a journey into the center of ourselves

I love the look of a black and white boudoir shoot. I love the contrast, the play of light and shadow. The way that a woman emerges from HER own shadows, and comes to the light, in front of the camera. 


If you don’t know what theme you’d like to book for your photography session, that’s okay! Take a look at our Instagram page and see the different types of imagery, themes, and moods/tones we’ve created over the years. 

Join a group of women who have discovered themselves through our boudoir experience here. We’ve created an EXCLUSIVE Womens Empowerment Community. 

Remember – you are NOT alone in your journey. I’m on your side. We’re on your side. 


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