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From tears to laughter and all the personal breakthroughs in between, our team has walked hand-in-hand with hundreds of women as they take back their power through the experience of empowerment boudoir.


Are you ready to build a new bond with yourself?

To create images you can reflect on ANY time to remind you just how strong, courageous, beautiful, and fierce you are?

The packages

We have 3 different packages for a range of budgets.


Golden Goddess

For the serious boudoir babe
$ 4499
  • Standard 2 Hour Photo Session
  • Hair & Makeup
  • 3 Outfit Changes
  • Lunch
  • Same Day Viewing & Ordering
  • 30 Images in a LARGE Luxury Fine Art Album
  • ENTIRE Digital Gallery
  • 2 Bonuses of your choice
  • $500 Credit
Best Value

Empower Her

For the lover of the experience
$ 2099
  • Standard 2 Hour Photo Session
  • Hair & Makeup
  • 3 Outfit Changes
  • Lunch
  • Same Day Viewing & Ordering
  • 20 Images in a Couture Box or SMALL Album
  • 20 Digital Images
  • 2 Bonuses of your choice
  • $350 Credit

Bare Basics

For the budget-conscious
$ 1199
  • Standard 2 Hour Photo Session
  • Hair & Makeup
  • 3 Outfit Changes
  • Lunch
  • Same Day Viewing & Ordering
  • 12 Digital Images
  • 1 Bonuses of your choice

Did you know you can pay in installments?

Nothing special for you to do now. We will work through it in your booking process to make things as easy as possible. Want more details NOW? No problem, email me at

What if empowerment

was your priority?

Your Empowerment Team

Yahozka Godfrey Edmonton Boudoir Vancouver Boudoir Photography

Hi! I'm Yahozka

(pronounced – Ya-os-ka).

Owner and 1 of 2 amazing photographers here at Gabriela Cruz Photography.

I’m your cupcake eating, strawberry lemonade sippin’ cheerleader, and I am obsessed with walking this self-love road with you because I fiercely believe in your magic.

As an Edmonton Boudoir photographer, I fiercely believe in the ability that you can transform into the true essence of being a woman. There is a power in YOU that is pounding to be released. I know it. Because I have felt the way you are feeling. I have been in your shoes about my self confidence.


My name is Christina Voorhorst and to say I’m excited to specialize in boudoir portraiture with Yahozka is an understatement!

As a mom of 3 I know how busy and crazy life can get, and often self care is the last thing on our list. So to be able to encourage other people to stop and take a day for themselves is truly a gift I can’t wait to give people.


I started my career as most girls in makeup do - sneaking into my mom’s makeup bag at the tender age of 6.

I'm thrilled to be part of the GC team, helping empower woman of all ages, and backgrounds as they take a step out of their comfort zone and learn how incredible they truly are!

Get in touch

We’re here to answer ANY questions you have about the boudoir experience.

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