The 2021 Wedding Dress Trend that will Blow Your Mind

January 8, 2021

Here at GCP we want every bride we work with to feel as beautiful as we know she truly is. Empowering women has long been one of our biggest goals (I mean, come on, we also specialize in Empowerment Boudoir Photography). A HUGE part of feeling beautiful on your wedding day is snagging the perfect dress. Now, we know that the perfect dress for YOU might not be the “trendy” dress you see in every bridal magazine. And that’s OK. In fact, that’s awesome. You do you, girl! But in case you need some inspiration, we decided to compile a list of the top wedding dress trends for 2021. But we found something kind of unexpected.

The trends AGREE WITH US!

Have a look at this mindblowing 2021 wedding dress trend that will encourage you to stand out this year!

Honestly, after looking at this year’s Bridal Fashion Week, it seems like almost everything is a GO. 2021 is the year of revitalizing old trends. We’re talking cocktail wedding dresses, capes, frills, lace, sleeves, pants – everything goes for brides in 2021.

Let’s have a look at some of the biggest trends making a comeback this year.

Calling all Winter Bridal Capes

Winter weddings (while difficult to weather) are some of the most beautiful I’ve had the luxury of shooting. Colours pop against a crisp white background and something about the soft snow just feels magical. But, let’s face it, winter is COLD! ❄

That’s why I’m eternally grateful that capes have made a comeback this year. I am OVER seeing my brides shivering in the snow for a perfect picture. Now, you can cozy up beneath a faux-fur or whatever other fabric you like!

The 2021 Minimalist Wedding Dress

Minimalism is a trend that is NOT letting go. And you know? Maybe that’s a good thing. Have a look at this minimalist wedding dress. It looks kind of plain but that only means it’ll accentuate your beauty even more as YOU stand out.

Sleeve Wedding Dress Trend

Sleeves started making a comeback in 2018 as detached, stand-alone pieces Glamour magazine could only describe as “arm warmers” (because, really, they weren’t technically sleeves). We are happy to see that more recent 2019 and 2020 Boho trends have reattached the sleeve and brought it forward into 2021.

The 2021 Cocktail Wedding Dress

Whether in traditional cocktail fashion or not, short dresses are BACK.

Stay comfortable in the heat of the summer and forget about struggling with a long train. You can even ride a motorcycle away into the night with no worries!

Our Favourite Wedding Dress Trend: PANTS!

Our favourite wedding dress trend is not a dress at all. It’s PANTS!

Seriously, I’m all about celebrating classic femininity but sometimes a girl just needs a pair of PANTS. If you don’t like the idea of changing into a second, more comfortable dress/outfit, you have a toddler (or multiple) to chase around all night, or you just wanna’ feel more like your true, laid-back self, choose pants.

You can choose a full pants suit, a jumpsuit, or just find your own pants/top combo.

Capture the magic of your special day.