The Ultimate Guide To Your Couples Boudoir Shoot

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What Is Couples Boudoir?

A couples boudoir shoot is a celebration. An intimate event. A sacred moment that the two of you are entering together. It’s the connection, and the feelings between you two, all captured on camera. 

It’s the lighting, the angles, the softness, the class, the rawness and the realness of you two knowing each other, inside and out. A couples boudoir shoot is a monumental testament of love and emotion. 

Take a look at our Couples Boudoir Photography gallery to see some of our favorite couples boudoir shoots we’ve done – so far!

Benefits Of Doing A Couples Boudoir Shoot Together

While the benefits of a solo boudoir shoot are things like: self-discovery, empowerment and strength, a couples boudoir shoot comes with its own different benefits! It’s a totally different experience for the both of you.

Maybe you’ve come alone and you’ve done that self-discovery and you’re feeling empowered and you want your loved one to SEE that in you.

Maybe you’re wanting to explore the intimacy of vulnerability with one another. No matter the reason you’ve chosen this couples boudoir shoot, here are some of the benefits to this:

Celebrate Your Love Together

Really celebrate. Spend that time gazing deep into one another’s eyes, the soft lights, the delicate touches – you’ll forget that we’re even there taking photos. The two of you are the only people in the world at that moment.

Venture Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There’s no growth in comfort. Even the best of couples need to be put to the test in order to grow together. You think getting dressed down into sexy outfits and photographed together is going to be comfortable? (We actually make it incredibly comfortable for the two of you together, or one person alone). There’s going to be nervous giggles, shyness, but these are all things that you get past together. You discover a way out of that comfort zone together.

Give A Gift To One Another

The greatest gift is the gift of experience. A couples boudoir shoot is an experience that you’ll remember together – with the time spent together, the memories you’ll create, and of course the photographs to document the whole thing.

Tell The Story Of Your Love

There are things that your partner knows about you that nobody else knows. Ways to ignite that fire within you. Places you’ve hidden from the world. The delicate intimate details about yourself that make up this beautiful person inside. Ladies, gentlemen – this is both of you. 

You both have this incredible love story that you share between the two of you – with every caress, every touch, every whisper, every kiss, and every look. 

That passion that flows between you IS your love story. And sometimes it’s not always perfect.

We fight, argue, cry. We discover the depths of love for one another that exist. It’s not always beautiful. Growth is discomfort, but love prevails. In the toughest of times you know you can look at each other and it will all disappear. That coming back together is like the light after the storm.

Life isn’t perfect. We’re not always perfect. But when you love somebody – when you REALLY love somebody – you wear the story of your love every day. Let us help you keep that story close to you. Discover the raw intimacy between you two. 

What Do You Wear To A Couples Boudoir Shoot? Couples Boudoir Outfit Ideas

“What do I wear to my boudoir shoot?” is a question I get asked all the time, and the answer is: whatever you feel comfortable in! I actually wrote a whole post with clothing recommendations and outfit ideas, ladies!

But of course your couples boudoir shoot is totally different!

For Her: What To Wear For Couples Boudoir

Girl, I want you to wear what makes you feel sultry, sexy, alluring, and the woman that your partner desires, loves and worships. It might be tough finding that balance.

Does he love you dolled to the nines with curled hair, in high heels and lingerie? Or does he like you best with no makeup, messy hair, and in one of his favorite t-shirts? (wanna know a secret? This is actually how most men find their partners the most attractive). 

The beauty of our makeup and hair team is we can totally create this natural bedhead, minimal makeup look for you. It’s like magic. 

For Him: What To Wear For Couples Boudoir

Most men get confused when it comes to planning their boudoir outfits. (Listen, if you want to doll up with the wings we are NOT going to judge you!) But remember, you’re supposed to feel comfortable. 

We recommend wearing your favorite undies (clean, and no holes!), and a favorite pair of nice jeans. What you want to wear is completely up to you, but those are two outfit pieces that can really create an outdoorsy, masculine and sexy look for your photo shoot.

Did you know?

When you book in for a boudoir shoot with us we will send you prep guides to help you pick out the right themes, clothes, and more?

We work together with all our clients to build a personalized experience EVERY TIME.

Questions You May Have About Your Session

Will you prompt us?

We can absolutely give you posing prompts, or you can take the reins yourself and do what feels natural to the two of you in that moment. Trust us – we’ll get the shots. 

Can we see the photos?

Yes – we will show you the photos after your shoot. 

How naked should we be?

This is up to you – please note, we do not offer erotic photography. There’s a difference between couples boudoir and erotica, and the latter is not something we offer!

What if I don’t like how I look?

It sounds cliche to say, but trust us, you will love how you look. Everyday your partner wakes up and loves how you look. We’re here to capture that.

What if we just laugh?

Good! You shouldn’t take life so seriously. Remember growing up everybody would tell you to smile for your photos? A smile is sexy. Some of the most intimate moments you have at home are likely when you share a bout of giggles. No worry, these will disappear. But it’s fine to laugh, to be nervous, and to share and overcome that sensation together.

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Preparing For Your Couples Boudoir Shoot

We didn’t say this was going to be EASY! Boudoir takes WORK. It takes work to do it alone and it takes work to be vulnerable in front of a total stranger with the person you love – it is tough!

But the benefits SO outweigh any fears the two of you may have. 

Believe me, I know it takes trust. It takes trust between the two of you, but it takes trust between all of us. 

Sit down and ask yourselves, and your partner (and write these down!):

What is it we love about each other?
What is it we love about ourselves?
What’s your favorite memory of us together?
Tell the story of our first date.
Tell the story of the first time you said ‘I love you’.

By the time you two come in for your session, you’re going to be so comfortable with the idea of being truly vulnerable around one another.

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