Top 4 Tips for Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

December 11, 2020

Now is NOT the time to cancel your wedding. A lot of people who thought the pandemic might blow over and cancelled it last year are sitting around wondering if they made the right decision. Don’t put yourself in that boat. Use our top tips for planning your wedding during COVID-19 so you can celebrate your love!

Planning a wedding during COVID-19 is stressful and confusing. Here are the top things you'll need to make it safe and FUN!

Look, we get it. You want your friends and family and everyone you love gathered around you in celebration of this momentous occasion. You want them to share in your love the way that you’ve shared in countless other weddings over the years. And why shouldn’t you want that? But with the end of the pandemic still not in sight, you have to ask yourself, “Do I want to put my marriage on hold?”

If you answered, “NO!” to that question you’ll love the tips we have for below. Here’s our best tips for planning a wedding during COVID-19.

Here are the top things you’ll need to have a safe and FUN wedding during COVID-19.

Planning a wedding during COVID-19 is stressful and confusing. Here are the top things you'll need to make it safe and FUN!

1. Plan for Something Small

Depending on where you live restrictions might mean that you can only have a few people present or many even only you and your spouse-to-be in attendance. And, whatever those restrictions are they may change between now and the actual date of your wedding (for better or worse).

Plan a small wedding with only the most essential people from the inner circles of your life. And then plan for what you’ll do if even THEY can’t attend. Here at GCP we are HUGE fans of small, intimate and even elopement-style weddings. We love to plan small to begin with! If you need any tips on how to have a small wedding, just send us an email. We may not be wedding planners but we’ve been to a LOT of small weddings and would be happy to give you some tips.

See tip #4 on this post for great ways to include the people you couldn’t invite.

Planning a wedding during COVID-19 is stressful and confusing. Here are the top things you'll need to make it safe and FUN!

2. Hand Sanitizer… and lots of it

Planning a wedding during COVID-19 means SANITIZER! Wedding experts at The Knot (and many other sources we stumbled across in our research) suggest handing out hand sanitizer to your guests to keep everyone clean and safe. The trick, though, is to make things fun instead of amping up the COVID-related frustration everyone is already feeling.

Put hand sanitizer in a welcome box

Hand out sanitizer in cute welcome boxes with other fun goodies such as disposable cameras, a thank you note, an attachment for purses to hold the sanitizer, and party favours. If your guests will be wearing masks a lot, throw in some mints so they can recycle fresh breath!

Destination Sanitization Station

Set up sanitizer stations throughout your venue and even at each table. Incorporate cute signs to remind people to USE the sanitizer and why it’s important.

Customized Party Favour Hand Sanitizers

Step things up a notch by adding your names and wedding date to the sanitizer. Even better, add your guest’s name with a custom label!

Go a big step further and customize the SCENT of your sanitizer to match your wedding! Yep. That’s actually a thing you can do.

3. Themed Masks

We all know how important masks are in the fight against COVID-19. For most wedding gatherings (no matter how small) you and your guests will be required to wear masks for part of the festivities.

Buy masks in your wedding colours, with special prints, and even ones labeled for bride and groom at websites like Wedding Star.

What better way to incorporate them into your overall theme than to create CUSTOM masks? The amazing people over at Wedding Star allow you to order masks with custom messages!

We suggest sending your custom masks to guests BEFORE your wedding so that they don’t have to switch masks when they arrive.

4. A Way to Livestream Your Event

COVID-19 restrictions in many places mean that fewer people will be able to attend the ceremony or reception. But that doesn’t mean your extended family and friends have to miss out, entirely.

A quick setup of a laptop with a webcam and a mic will allow you to broadcast your wedding on Facebook or any other social media platform. Many videographers are even offering upscale streaming services to give virtual guests a more realistic experience.

Whether you’re livestreaming yourself or having someone else do it – make sure the stream works BEFORE the festivities begin!

Capture the magic of your special day.