Traditional boudoir photoshoot ideas

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You want to do a boudoir shoot but you aren’t sure which style you want.

Maybe you’ve booked a session with us and you’re reading this post to help you get ideas for your planning call with us.

Start by answering these questions:

  1. Do you want light, girly colours, flowers, no nudity or implied nudity? > You might want a fun and flirty boudoir shoot.
  2. Do you want something over-the-top, kinky, S&M, or dark and moody? > You might want a hot and spicy boudoir session.
  3. Do you want a set with muted, natural colours so the focus is all on YOU? > A traditional shoot is probably right for you.

We offer a few different styles of boudoir shoots but the traditional boudoir photoshoot is by FAR our most popular. So, if you answered YES to #3 keep reading!

Planning a traditional boudoir shoot but not sure where to start? The experts at Gabriela Cruz Photography have you covered.

You are the focus of your traditional boudoir photoshoot

The sets we use for these shoots are full of natural elements and natural light. Instead of the focus being on telling a story, the focus is on showcasing your sensual beauty.

Using muted colours and simple sets also lets us shift into black and white without any distraction in the photo.

We want YOU to be the focus so we avoid intricate set designs for many of these photos. That being said, we can still snap a great traditional boudoir photo on our after dark set (especially the vintage office/den portion of the set) or even in one of our fantasy sets.

Traditional boudoir works with YOUR comfort level

Many of our clients opt for doing their traditional boudoir shoots “in the sheets.” This is where we manage to give the illusion of full nudity (without you having to be fully nude).

Alternatively, some of our clients opt for an artistic nude. This is where you are positioned to hide certain body parts while fully nude to capture the perfect curves of your body. And, yes, we just said “perfect curves” because we really do believe that’s what they are.

Planning a boudoir shoot? Consider an artistic nude from Gabriela Cruz Photography.
Planning a boudoir shoot? Consider an artistic nude from Gabriela Cruz Photography.

Most traditional boudoir photos include lingerie, though. Afterall, the “boudoir” is where women would go to change their clothes. The traditional boudoir photo is meant to evoke a feeling of peeking behind the curtain.

If you’re looking for something even more modest – an oversized sweater falling off one shoulder and a pair of panties, for instance, you might prefer our fun & flirty style boudoir shoots.

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