Welcome to Gabriela Cruz Photography

May 21, 2019

We decided to start a blog, and this first entry is going to be an introduction to the GCP Team, who we are, our dreams, our visions and goals! How this business started and what you can expect from us both, here on this blog and in person! We are so excited to be here and that you have stopped by. Welcome.

How we came to be.

Yahozka Godfrey is the Founder of Gabriela Cruz Photography. Two questions Yahozka is asked regularly is, “How do I pronounce your name?” and “Why Gabriela Cruz Photography?” Well here it is! The pronunciation of Yahozka is Ya-os-ka and since some people have a difficult time with her name, she decided to name her business after her two handsome little men that keep her busy. Gabriel is 3 years old and Andres – Cruz is 1 years old, and Gabriela Cruz Photography was born. It is absolutely fine to address Yahozka by Gabriela, she does not mind.

Now let me introduce you to Yahozka, She was born on Halloween in Edmonton Alberta but her family roots are from Nicaragua. Blessed to have met her husband in high school and as previously mentioned they have two sons together. As a family they love to travel and experience the world. Photography started out as a hobby for Yahozka, while her career was as an LPN. She even worked as a nurse in Nepal for the summer! Her “hobby” taking photos for friends started growing from word of mouth. Soon she was booking much in advance and a year ago, Yahozka decided to take a risk and jump in feet first. Though she couldn’t have done it with out the inspiration of her entrepreneurial, fierce and driver mother, nor without the support of her biggest fans and cheerleaders her husband and father. The once hobby turned into a passionate and empowering career, helping women find that inner goddess. This social introvert loves to meet new people and socializing, however is super shy. Time does get spent convincing herself to go out. ( I am positive a few of our readers can relate to this!) She does not like baths, is terrified of bees and LOVES cupcakes. Titanic, Moulin Rouge and The Greatest Showman on Earth or her favorite movies.

What else can we share about Yahozka – Her clients love her (and her work), and so does her team mates! She is such a kind gentle soul who truly cares about making a positive impact in the lives of her clients. http://gabrielacruz.ca

Yahozka’s passion & vision for you.

“I meet you right where you are, in any stage of your life. I aspire for you to see you how I see you. Your true self. Boudoir isn’t just about feeling beautiful with sexy photos it is about getting you to understand that the fierce woman in the photograph is you. Every. Single. Day. She lives in side you and that woman can conquer any obstacle that stands in her way. So next time you look in the mirror. Look deep. She’s there . I don’t want women to look at their boudoir photos and just see a sexy beautiful woman because it’s more than that. I want them to print that photo create a wall art and put it up in their homes and every time that they are feeling down or need a little bit of a push just go look at that photo and then look in the mirror and see that is her, looking back. Boudoir, to me is about helping you to see that, find and seeing “her” the goddess within, always.”
– Yahozka Godfrey

Welcoming the new addition.

Laura Lee is a woman of many talents and has lived a full life! Founder of Inspire.By.Laura, Laura Lee is dedicated to learning the ins and outs of Organic Social Media Growth. This wasn’t always an interest for hers though. Her passions in life are Singing, Makeup Artistry including Special FX, Skin Therapy and select Spa services such as Massage. She loves helping people feel their very best. Straight out of college, she was hired at a high end Spa in Vancouver BC working on high profile people. That has definitely been a highlight of her career. She has done some work on film sets and really enjoys doing Special FX.

In 2017 Laura Lee’s life changed forever. She learned how to remove chronic pain from her body and life, because an #1 International Best Selling Co Author of Sacred Hearts Rising and started realizing her worth in this world. As she started her healing journey she realized how she can be of service to other women in so many ways, with her various talents.

Laura Lee and her son Lindyn who is soon to be 4 years old, have been travelling for the last year. They have mostly been travelling between British Columbia and Alberta, however a month long road trip took them on a two week house sitting adventure in California last Fall. The last two going on three years has been the most freeing experience. Learning to trust and love herself and practice self love to be the her best so she could be the best mother for her son was a profound experience and one of the most rewarding lessons.

When GCP approached Laura Lee she was thrilled as there is a definite alignment in this team. Wanting to assist women in being their most authentic raw selves, while creating stunning wall art that is empowering. http://Inspirebylaura.ca

“There is nothing more beautiful, breathtaking and special than a woman who understands her worth in this world, who stands tall empowered and embraces all of perceived imperfections and sees them as perfect. Helping a woman see herself in that manner is truly an amazing experience to be part of.”
– Laura Lee Harrison

The Lux Experience

So the team doesn’t stop with these two ladies! In order for Yahozka to achieve those stunning works of luxury fine art for her clients she needs to call in some extra troops.

When the an Experience is booked the client receives an email with all the important details of the day and things you can prepare for. One of which is where you are travelling to the day of. Gabriela Cruz Photography is proud to be the Resident Photographer at the Wingate by Wyndham in Leduc Alberta. The rooms are stunning for the art that is created!

When the client arrives, depending on the package they book, they get to relax and enjoy a 30 minute therapeutic massage. This really helps one relax before something that can sometimes cause some nervousness to arise! After the relaxing, Hair and Makeup is done to perfection by the Ladies at Blush Artistry to really let that goddess shine through for you shoot.

Please check these team members out for more information.

https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/hotels/leduc-alberta?brand_id=WG http://blush-artistry.ca/

What you can look forward to.

Well we are excited to share all the incredible things we have been planning. One being THIS BLOG! Moving forward we will be blogging two times a month sharing various tips & tricks for boudoir sessions, beauty, love and relationships or life in general. Whatever we think you’ll love to know. However, please feel free to drop a comment on anything you would love to know about so we can create that blog for you!

Second, we are planning Destination Boudoir Sessions and Retreats. We cannot wait to make this dream become reality. The first Destination is going to be in Vancouver BC area and Yahozka has something special being made up for this shoot as well. We will be doing very specific shooting locations that Laura Lee is currently scouting!

We hope to bring you much value here and create something beautiful. Thank you for being here, for being you and allowing your goddess to shine through.