Empowerment Boudoir, How I Got Into Photography, and What To Expect With a Boudoir Shoot: Featured Podcast with Divas That Care

October 17, 2019


I’ve been a photographer for a year and a half! It all started with me taking photos of my children as a hobby! I named my business Gabriela Cruz Fine Art Photography after my 2 sons: Gabriel, and Andreas.

Prior to photography, I was a full-time nurse! After 3 months of doing both, I had to make a career choice. I chose photography because my heart was fully in it and honestly, it’s become my passion! I currently specialize in weddings, Boudoir, and some family photography but mostly shoot Boudoir sessions.

My bond with photography started when I found that Boudoir sessions allowed my clients to be themselves and feel the most beautiful they’ve ever felt. Essentially, these shoots are so special because they allow women to be themselves through their own personalities. Within society, it’s all about how we look. I think that if we start seeing ourselves in a different light, we can truly shine through in a freeing way!

To me, Boudoir sessions are “empowerment sessions” because that’s what it is to me! I’m here to empower women to see themselves differently. Additionally, Boudoir photography is for ALL ages! I recently did a shoot with a woman for her 60th birthday, and it turned out so beautifully! In fact, she wished she had done a Boudoir shoot earlier because she loved what we captured.

Boudoir is also a story of who we are. It’s about embracing ourselves, and I love helping women on this journey. I don’t focus on props or shoes, I focus on you and bringing out the clients unique details. The point of every shoot is so that you have something you can always look back on to remind yourself that you took the plunge and did something so brave and beautiful!

I believe if we start seeing ourselves in a different light, then we can truly shine in the way we’ve always meant to! Once I get into my creative mode, there’s no stopping me which is why I only have one Boudoir shoot per day! The focus is on the client and only the client!

Each shoot is conducted in my studio which is actually a single-family home. It’s nice because everything can be done in one space vs. having clients travel back and forth. Each shoot should be stress-free and relaxing which is why I did it this way.

If you’re on the fence about doing a session, take the plunge! It’s all about the experience! I also offer couple Boudoir sessions, if this is something that interests you.

Are you ready to get your boudoir session on the books? Fill out my contact form today so that I can get in touch and share more information about your shoot, get to know you, and get started developing the boudoir shoot of your dreams.

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