How to Love Yourself: 5 Powerful Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

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As an empowerment boudoir photographer, I encounter a LOT of women on the road to self-discovery. We often grow up thinking that we’ll have our lives figured out at some point, and from then on, everything will be fine. But that simply isn’t true. Life is messy and complicated at all stages, and it’s easy to get lost no matter where you’re at.

Whether you’re starting a new job, having a baby, leaving a relationship, or any number of those huge life-changers we all inevitably face, things can begin to feel hopeless pretty fast.

I created the following journal prompts specifically to help you rediscover yourself. Because, girl, let’s face it – if you don’t love you, why will anyone else? Let’s learn how to TRULY value ourselves for who we are (and get to know who we are), so we can enjoy our lives and teach the people around us just how special we are!

These 5 journal prompts will help you on your road to self-discovery and self-acceptance. No matter what your starting point. | #self-discovery #selfdiscovery #journalprompts #diaryprompts

Journal Prompts For Empowerment and Self Care

If you’re looking for a way to combat the danger of completely losing yourself or if you’re finally embarking on a journey of getting to know and value yourself, consider journaling. If you’ve never thought about this before, it may seem silly. Still, journaling is scientifically proven to offer many benefits – from self-discovery to helping you hold yourself accountable to making BIG changes in your life.

Let’s get started.

First, choose how often you want to write in your journal. Once a week is usually a safe starting point. Commit to this goal!

Next, use the prompts below to begin your self-discovery. And don’t be afraid to dig deep.

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1. What is the one thing I want people to remember about me?

When people think about you, what is the one thing you hope is on their minds? What do you hope stands out about you? Discovering this tells you what you like about yourself and what qualities you want to maintain. Consider why these qualities are important to you and what you can do to maintain them in yourself.

2. When do I feel most confident in my skin?

A big part of self-discovery is knowing when you feel best about yourself (and worst, but let’s focus on the positive, here). This one helps draw out some insecurities that, once acknowledged, can be faced and dealt with. For example, new mothers often feel insecure and sometimes ashamed of the way their bodies are changing. If this is you, addressing these feelings rather than hiding them is the first step in removing the negativity.

One practical example is a pregnancy boudoir photoshoot. Boudoir photography is all about breaking mental barriers and feeling confident and beautiful. All of this is crucial even when pregnant. An empowerment photoshoot like this will have you embracing yourself instead of hiding yourself.

3. What is one thing I can’t live without?

You must be honest here. Identify what’s most important to you and then ask yourself why you can’t be without this thing. Exploring your attachment to this object, person, place, etc. can reveal areas of insecurity or even chronic stress/worry over what will happen if you lose it.

This is also an excellent time to consider letting go of your stronghold on this thing – whatever it may be. Harbouring unhealthy attachments can limit you in life, so try writing about how you can learn to live independently of this attachment.

4. What are ten things I love about myself?

This one is simple – give yourself some love. Bring attention to your best qualities and what makes you so great. This not only gives you a confidence boost but it can help brings things back into perspective as you work through your journey to self-discovery.

If you’ve managed to lose yourself in some new circumstance or scary situation, remind yourself of what makes you uniquely you. It’s a comforting and familiar way to come back down to earth.

5. Write about a recurring dream

Many people have at least one dream that they have over and over again. Or, at least a theme, subject, or place that repeats itself. While dreams are cryptic and sometimes wild, they are often a reflection of our subconscious.

Think about the thing, person, or scenario that keeps repeating. Ask yourself, what does this mean about me? My fears? My hopes? Is there something I’m avoiding? Once addressed, you may find you feel better and more sure of yourself.

Learn to Love Yourself

Whether it’s an abundance of self-reflection, an empowerment photo session, or a solo road trip to clear your head, sometimes you need to find yourself before anything else can happen. Journaling is a great place to start as it will bring thoughts and feelings forward that you may not even know you had.

Once your attention is on these things, you can address them. Sometimes, you can resolve things within yourself through journaling alone. Other times, you have to try new things. But, it all starts with finding yourself.

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