Popular Boudoir Questions, Answered – UPDATED FOR 2023

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In this post, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions and fears we come across as empowerment boudoir photographers.

Many of our clients come to us with hesitation about their first boudoir photoshoot. They have fear about the process. But let me tell you a secret: they all LOVE the experience, and many of them book a REPEAT session.


When it’s done right (and respectfully) a boudoir photoshoot makes you the focus – physically AND emotionally.

There are plenty of misconceptions about boudoir photography.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that there is a HUGE misconception about what boudoir photography is. And this misconception is what often leads to FEAR.

A lot of my clients have told me they wanted to do an empowering photoshoot that made them feel good about themselves, showed them their true beauty, etc. but didn’t know WHAT that type of photoshoot WAS.

When done right (and respectfully) a boudoir photoshoot is all about empowerment – not being provocative.

Those clients had to SEE the proof in pictures – the TRUTH in pictures.

Another set of clients I often come across are those who think they MUST look a particular way to book a photoshoot.

“I’m too big…”

“I’m too pale…”

“I have too many stretch marks…”

The list goes ON AND ON.

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1.     Will I have to be nude for a boudoir photoshoot?

Think you have to be naked to do a boudoir shoot? You’re not alone. But you ARE wrong.

Though we’ve done shoots with SOME nudity, the majority of the photos we take include no nudity AT ALL. So, even if you fear being naked in front of someone, you CAN do a boudoir photoshoot!

Let me make one thing very clear, though – as an empowerment boudoir photographer, I DO believe in removing some layers of clothing. It is at this level of vulnerability that your true beauty is best highlighted.

Spotlight on FEAR: Popular boudoir questions, answered

2.     I’m shy. Will a boudoir shoot be hard for me?

I won’t lie, being shy might make a boudoir shoot a BIT of a challenge for you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t DO one. It just means you should surround yourself with a supportive team.

When shy clients come through our doors (which is more often than you might think), we start with a relaxed conversation. Many of our packages include a massage to start, which helps relax people, too. We strive to make the environment as FUN as possible during the shoot, as well.

We talk to you throughout the preparation process in the weeks BEFORE your shoot. We work with you to plan the shoot, to understand your comfort level and goals. We also send you a mindset prep guide AND we have a supportive Facebook group and Instagram community. And, most importantly, our ALL-FEMALE team is there with you every step of the way.

Not booking with us? That’s OK. Just ask your local photographer about her/his process to make sure it’s a good fit for YOU.

Did you know?

When you book in for a boudoir shoot with us we will send you prep guides to help you pick out the right themes, clothes, and more?

We work together with all our clients to build a personalized experience EVERY TIME.

3.     Should I lose 10 (or 15 or 20) pounds before my shoot?

I come across this one a LOT.

It is VERY common for women to feel like their bodies are “too big” to do a boudoir photoshoot. They fear showing off their curves. But curves are just part of BEING a woman. We need those curves, girl!

Even IF you don’t/aren’t able to create a life with your body, it was shaped for just that purpose. Those curves are part of what make a woman a woman. They are NOT something to be ashamed of.

“Helping women learn to love their bodies is one of the biggest reasons I became a boudoir photographer.”

Yahozka, Owner at Gabriela Cruz Photography

4.     Is it vain to have boudoir photos taken?

NOPE! I really think I can just answer that question in one word, but I’ll expand.

If you’re doing a boudoir shoot to bolster your self-esteem, to celebrate your beauty, to celebrate your strength, to break through a barrier, to allow yourself to be vulnerable. How is that vain?

A lot of people worry that other people will think they are self-centred, vain, or just too into themselves if they do a boudoir shoot. But the truth is, if you walk into your shoot with positive intentions and are proud of the final result, IT DOESN’T MATTER what other people think.

You are worth celebrating!

And, yes, go ahead and hang those pictures up, girl. Which brings me to the next question I sometimes hear.

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5.     Are boudoir photos pornography?

Absolutely not.

When done right (and respectfully) boudoir photos are FINE ART, not pornography.

Pornography can come in the form of images/photos. But not all sensual images/photos are pornography. To drive this point home, I want to share definitions of art and pornography.

Fine art is:

“are (such as painting, sculpture, or music) concerned primarily with the creation of beautiful objects.”

Pornography is:

“material (such as books or a photograph) that depicts erotic behavior and is intended to cause sexual excitement.”

6.     I fear I’m too old for a boudoir shoot.

Regardless of how old you are, if you ask if you’re TOO OLD, my answer is NO.

You are NEVER too old for a boudoir shoot.

Your body may change over time, but your beauty never fades. You may gain a few pounds or wrinkles. You might lose a few pounds of even some of your hair. Your skin will change; your body will change. But your beauty will only GROW.

True beauty is wisdom, courage, strength, perseverance, love, passion – all things we learn more about as we grow older.




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7.     Can I do a boudoir shoot when I’m pregnant?

Why not?

Your pregnant body is a BEAUTIFUL thing. Think about everything your body is doing RIGHT NOW. It’s keeping your baby safe, feeding your baby, morphing in shape and size to make all this possible, and it will help bring that baby out into the world soon. It’s doing what seems entirely impossible.

Real empowerment boudoir isn’t about being sexy; it’s about being intimate and sensual. There is nothing more intimate than the moment your baby was conceived OR that first moment of holding your baby in your arms.

Don’t fear that baby bump, celebrate it with a boudoir session!

8.     Does boudoir photography require a lot of Photoshop?

I prefer as few touch-ups as possible. No touch-ups? Even better. BUT, I am also happy to do them for the clients who really want them.

Part of our process here as Gabriela-Cruz Photography is to show you the raw images, first. We want you to see yourself in your true, natural beauty – even if that includes scars, stretch marks, skin discolorations, or lumps and bumps. When we go through to alter images (sometimes changing lighting, picking up one colour more than others, etc.), we can fade out your stretch marks IF YOU WANT. But, otherwise, we’re happy to leave everything natural.

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