Top 4 Reasons Women Choose Empowerment Boudoir Sessions

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The women we speak to who decide to have an empowerment boudoir session decide this for a bunch of different reasons. I have decided to go through some of the most common reasons we hear because you may see you aren’t alone in your quest to find self love and healing. We are stronger together, specially when we understand there are people that may have had similar (though never the same) life experiences. Being understood in this life is huge in our journey of healing.

What's an empowerment boudoir photoshoot and why do women book them? The professionals at Gabriela Cruz Boudoir explain.

Our bodies are all different. Not only are we different from each other, but our bodies change. How we look today is not how we will look in a year from now. Loving, honoring and celebrating your body the way it is in this moment of time is the best gift you can give yourself! You do not see yourself the way the rest of the world does. Or the way your partner does. Your posture changes as you find your way from darkness to light. Your skin changes, as you become healthy, mentally and physically.

👉 Many women celebrate the changes in their bodies after giving birth by planning a post-baby boudoir session!

An empowerment session can capture those authentic raw moments, those vulnerable moments we lock up inside. Most importantly it will show you how far you really have come in this life. No matter why you are considering an Empowerment session, you deserve every second of it. Every moment of excitement, love and strength that comes with it. You deserve to walk out with that extra pep in your step, your head held high and that glow that lasts for days, then reappears when you look at your photo and say DAMN, I AM a sexy, beautiful woman! Even with all my imperfections.

👉 Read our client stories to understand more about the motivations different women have had for wanting to do their boudoir shoots AND to learn about the challenges they have faced with their body image AND to learn more about the overall boudoir experience.

So let’s dive in. Here are the top 4 reasons we see women book an empowerment boudoir photo session.

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1. “I need to empower myself because I just got out of a BAD (sometimes even abusive) Relationship.”

Often, women describe finding themselves lost within a relationship. Their self-esteem has been destroyed. The person they were, is just – gone. She is but a memory. They gave all of themselves to this other human being, who took them for granted and possibly was abusive. Leaving them feeling helpless, ugly, worthless, undesirable and menial. Now, of course, not every bad or abusive relationship leaves women feeling these exact things, but chances are you’ve felt something like this. Maybe more, maybe less.

Now is the time to start finding yourself again, on the other side of the “bad” relationship. An empowerment boudoir session is one way to reclaim your sexuality and sensuality – separate from that relationship.

2. “I am getting divorced and it’s time to prioritize me.”

This is also a big reason many women come to us. They are getting divorced, or the divorce was just finalized. What better way to enter into your new life as a single woman again, than to have an empowerment shoot?

This is likely very similar to the first one. I believe a lot of women have been lost for years in their marriage. Doesn’t need to be bad or abusive. We tend to give all of ourselves to our partners and then when there is no partner any more we realize, where did I go? What do I like to do? Who am I, without this other person around?

Start finding who YOU are, what YOU like and find YOURSELF again.

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3. “I just lost a bunch of weight and want to celebrate with new boudoir pictures.”

YEEES! Let’s Celebrate! 5 lbs, 20 lbs, 100 lbs, GOOD FOR YOU! This is incredible. If you have managed to reach any goal for weight, this is worthy of massive celebration. Congrats to you. You should be so proud of yourself this achievement. Not only that, documenting your success will be super rewarding and you deserve it.

Most women dream of losing weight and to succeed at doing so is an incredible feat and is definitely an incredible reason to do an empowerment session.

4. “I have low self esteem and no confidence. maybe an empowerment boudoir shoot will help?”

There are many reasons a person can grow up to have low to no self esteem and confidence. Some of which we’ve likely already covered, however whatever your underlying reason for low self esteem and confidence we got you! This is sure to be top feelings for everyone in the world because at some point in everyone’s life, there has been moments of these low feelings. Some more than others and sometimes they stick around for longer.

An empowerment sessions will have you feeling like the hottest bad ass alive! Trust us! It happens. Watch out men, here you come!

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