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IS a couples boudoir shoot for you?

You’ve probably been thinking about booking a couples boudoir shoot.

Maybe you’ve already done an individual photoshoot or a maternity shoot and you’re thinking – this could be an amazing experience to share with my partner.

But you’re still on the fence. You’re not sure.

We’ve already cleared up some of the FAQ around couples boudoir shoots AND share some of the biggest reasons other people choose to do them.

Top reasons for booking a couples boudoir shoot

We’ve asked around with some of our past couples boudoir clients and here are some of their top reasons for sharing an intimate photoshoot together.

“We did a couples photoshoot to strengthen our bond”

“We wanted to celebrate our love life”

“Our couples boudoir shoot helped us remember who we are as a couple”

A lot of the couples who come through our studio are parents. And a lot have been together for a long time.

For them, an intimate photoshoot is about a lot more than simply celebrating their love or seeing how their passion looks from the outside in. It’s about rediscovering themselves as a couple.

It’s similar to how a lot of middle-aged women feel after their individual photoshoot. They’ve spent so many years being wives and mothers and career women that they forgot what it is like to just be a WOMAN. They’ve lost their sense of confidence, vulnerability, and sexiness along the way. And their boudoir shoot helps them strip away the layers and labels they’ve carried for so long. That’s what empowerment boudoir is all about.

For couples, it’s about removing similar layers and labels. It’s about remembering their intimate love OUTSIDE of all the things they do as husbands, wives, and partners. It’s forgetting about garbage night, and bills that need to be paid, kids who need to be cared for, jobs that need to be done. And remembering YOU as a couple.

Ready to take the plunge?

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