Everyday Badass: Why You’re Braver Than You Think

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Picture this: It’s a regular Tuesday morning, and you’re facing a decision that makes your palms sweat and heart race. In these moments, it’s easy to doubt our bravery. But let me tell you something – you’re braver than you think.

It always shocks us when a client comes in for a boudoir experience and tells us that she isn’t brave because she’s nervous.

“You booked this photoshoot!” we remind her. “THAT is bravery.”

Stunning woman owns her power, her body, her sexuality by posing in angel wings at Gabriela Cruz Boudoir Photography in Edmonton Alberta.

Brave isn’t NEVER being afraid

We’re women. We’ve been told a LOT of things that simple aren’t true and the world has been trying to dictate our worth to us for decades (probably longer). We’ve been told how we need to look to be sexy. We’ve been told how we need to act to be “feminine.” And you bet your butt we’ve been told what is and is not brave.

“Being brave means never being afraid.” WRONG.

Bravery is not about being fearless; it’s about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

The media often shows bravery as grand gestures and heroic moments and, sure, those things can be brave, too. But…

True bravery is when you feel afraid and you do it anyway because you know it’s right for you

True bravery is the woman who raised a child by herself when she thought she had no choice but she DID have choices and she chose to be brave.

True bravery is the woman who walked through the doors of our boudoir studio to own her body and her sexuality after someone else tried to take those things from her.

True bravery is going for the job you don’t know if you can get, showing up, and working your butt off.

It is:

  • stand up for yourself and your beliefs
  • leaving a difficult relationship
  • creating a boundary with someone
  • building a healthy work-life balance
  • trying something new even though you’ve been told you’re too old

We can go on and on and on with this one!

Brave is how YOU define it. Woman poses for boudoir photo at Gabriela Cruz Photography in Edmonton Alberta.

6 Ways You Can Celebrate Your Bravery Right Now

You probably read that stuff above and though, “Wow. I am brave.”

But, to be honest, it’s easy to forget. Those messages from the world get back into our minds and we stop celebrating our strong, brave selves. Here are 6 ways you can celebrate your bravery so you never forget how badass you truly are.

1. Create a bravery journal / add bravery lists to your daily journal

Dedicate a journal (or a space inside your journal) to document moments where you faced fear and showed courage. Write down the challenges, how you felt, and the positive outcomes. Reflecting on these entries can be a powerful reminder of your bravery.

2. Use daily positive affirmations

Start or end your day with affirmations that highlight your bravery. Repeat phrases like “I am brave,” “I face challenges head-on,” and “Everyday, I am becoming more courageous.”

3. Visual bravery reminders

Surround yourself with visual cues of your bravery. It could be a motivational quote on your mirror, a symbol that represents courage, or even a photo capturing a moment when you felt particularly brave.

4. Celebrate your small acts of bravery

Acknowledge and celebrate every small victory, no matter how trivial it may seem. Treat yourself when you step out of your comfort zone or overcome a fear. Rewards can be a tangible reminder of your courage.

5. Create a bravery playlist

Share your brave moments with a friend or family member who uplifts and encourages you. Having someone to celebrate your victories with can reinforce your belief in your bravery.

6. Join our Women’s Empowerment Facebook group

There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with other women who are just as committed to empowerment as you are! This group of amazing women will lift you up when you are feeling down and is ready to cheer you on when you’re celebrating your brave badass self!

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