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You might have seen shots of our indoor studio on our main page or on our Instagram page, but have you seen what we can do OUTSIDE? Ms. L took part in one of our fall outdoor boudoir photoshoots last year and let me just say this – it was something VERY special. She met me at my sprawling rural property on the outskirts of Edmonton where we used the natural autumn foliage as the perfect backdrop for a whimsical boudoir shoot.

Keep scrolling to see some of her images AND read about her experience from my point of view and hers ❤️

Our on-location Outdoor boudoir experience with Ms. L

This was a totally random and last minute photoshoot.

Ms L had been talking to me for a while about doing an outdoor shoot and we’d gone back and forth about it all summer. Where to have it. When to have it.

Since I live on an acreage we decided that my “backyard” would be the best location. But the wasps had been INSANE all summer and there was no way I was going to subject her to that.

Finally, as autumn came the wasps left. And the gorgeous fall colours arrived. I mean seriously. Jaw dropping colours. I think this turned out better than it would have if we had have done it in summer. But maybe we’ll have to get Ms. L back for a summer shoot to see the difference 😅

Sometimes the best boudoir shoots are the most random ones

I have to admit that I was kind of unprepared for this. I wasn’t sure exactly what we would do for it. She arranged to come to my house for the shoot since I have a large property with a lot of greenery around.

So we just walked the grounds and picked out places that looked good to us. Spots that made her and I both feel inspired. The whole thing happened pretty organically.

And actually her favourite photo (the one of her laying on the log) was from our actual pile of fire wood!

The last people who lived here had a lot of random things. So, I’m really not sure why there was a literal pool table in the middle of the forest but there it was! So we decided we couldn’t pass that up. We HAD to use that in the shoot. I was worried that it looked kind of gross to sit on but she didn’t care. She jumped up and the pictures turned out GREAT.

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Ms. L’s edmonton Outdoor boudoir experience with Gabriela Cruz Photography

“Oh goodness that was such a cool shoot! I really got to see Yahozka’s artistic side. There were so many random items on the acreage and somehow she turned all of it into art. A random abandoned pool table became a unique prop (she even checked it for bugs and stability for me!). And then my favourite part was when she had me sit on a pile of fire wood, there were even toys on either side and yet somehow that photo turned out to have a rustic beach vibe! I just followed her around as she looked at her yard quietly and had no idea that the photos would turn out so good!!

It was such a cool shoot. Just seeing her in home and her element and I could see how talented she is. We were on the grass and she was telling me how to pose and without skipping a beat or getting flustered she adds “and just ignore them” as her  boys were at the nearby window yelling 😂

She also helped with outfits considering colours and season which would be different than in-studio. She had a red scarf that she let me borrow which came to the rescue for a few poses as well.”

Ms L adds that she just might be back for an outdoor shoot in the summer or maybe even the winter!


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