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One of my favourite things about our studio is that we can change things up whenever we want. This past winter we teamed up with Kristy Irving of Look Styling to create two gorgeous new sets this winter. Yep. You read that right. TWO limited edition boudoir sets at our studio!

Let’s take a look back at two of our favourite limited edition sets. You might not be able to book in for these EXACT sets, but you can always check the latest on our Instagram page!

Check out Gabriela Cruz's limited edition boudoir photography sets - constantly changing throughout the year to WOW clients.

Why we love offering more than one set

It helps with our creativity to not always have the same thing. It keeps us inspired and excited about trying new things, new poses, playing with lighting in new ways. It also means that our clients can come back again and again and always have an entirely different experience.

Many of our clients don’t even realize that we HAVE more than one set and more than one room to work with. It’s not usual for a studio to have as many options as we have. We have our base sets which are already expertly decorated for two extremely different feelings. Our upstairs sets are airy, open, feminine, and calm. Our downstairs sets are darker, fiery, fierce, and playful. When we build extra things into some of those sets and change it up it really takes things to a whole other level.

We love to surprise people. We’ve built a community with our clients. They reach out to us on Instagram and in our Facebook group. We love to keep them engaged and what better way to do that then to consistently have new things to show them and new things to talk about?

A lot of our best set ideas have actually come FROM our clients. They’ll see something they like on our Instagram page and comment ideas for the next set and the one after that. They are a constant source of inspiration for us.

Beautiful boho bedroom boudoir set

You’ll hear about the jaw-dropping glam Hollywood addition to After Dark set in just a minute. But first, let us tell you all about the boho bedroom set that had clients booking out our calendar.

I loved the cinematic shots we were able to take in this set. The curtains flowed so beautifully that taking shots with them gently swaying added life and movement to a lot of the photos.

“It reminded me of an open air suite on the water in Bali,” says our makeup artist Heather. “So many neutral tones and soft textures. And when we hit the curtains with a fan it just made me think of an ocean breeze flowing in.  I got to be a part of the brainstorming process, but it was just beyond what I had even thought it could be.  Practical?  Probably not, but whimsical and extravagant – absolutely!!”

Vintage Hollywood Glam Boudoir Set

When I asked Heather what she thought of this set she said, “It reminds me of backstage at a show!

“This wasn’t just anyone’s dressing room, this was the headliner.  This was all for the woman who people traveled to see.  Who had bodyguards to get her into the building, and who exudes elegance and femininity.  Loved by millions – an Icon.  That’s who’s dressing room this was.”

And she was absolutely right. A lot of our clients told us they felt like they’d walked backward in time to old Hollywood. Which is exactly what we were going for. We want our clients to feel like STARS 🤩

Did you know?

When you book in for a boudoir shoot with us we will send you prep guides to help you pick out the right themes, clothes, and more?

We work together with all our clients to build a personalized experience EVERY TIME.

Showstopping boudoir sets AND shoots

“Clients LOVED the boho set – it was a good showstopper right when you walk in the door,” Christina (one of our amazing photographers) remembers. “It made it feel very special and very boudoiresque in the best way. The drapes and details made it really pop. Basically everyone who walked in the door was impressed and commented on it!”

Heather feels the same. “Every client who came in, was so excited to shoot with the new sets!  We had many Subscribers come back just to use the new set, and it definitely added a new element to their collection of photos of themselves.  It was great to be able to offer our clients different styles in our studio.  We have something for everyone!”

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