Our Favorite Lingerie Stores For All Sizes and Shapes

October 27, 2021

Who says that you have to ‘look’ a certain way, or be a certain size, to enjoy sexy lingerie? Nobody. Not us, girl. If you’ve ever donned fishnets, a tutu, a herring-boned corset, or anything silky, shimmery and sheer, you know JUST how powerful those outfits make you. 

WHEN should you wear lingerie? For an anniversary? A gift? To spice up a romantic partner? Sure, but … 

Why not put on a corset just because you feel like it? (You really don’t ever need a reason to) 

Why not slip on a pair of fishnets underneath your office clothing? (It can be your secret)

Why not buy yourself the matching bra and panty set? (It’s your money, you work hard for it)

Why not just wake up one morning, take a look at yourself in the mirror and think,

“I want to feel sexy, and beautiful.” And I don’t give a damn if I’m the only one who sees it.

If you HAVEN’T taken the time to dress yourself up, for really no special occasion, then it’s way past time that you treated yourself. Here’s a few of our favorite places to buy lingerie (for ALL body shapes and sizes) online, and in Vancouver and Edmonton (PS – have you checked us out in Vancouver yet?)

Best Online Lingerie Stores

How can you tell if an online lingerie store is any good? It’s difficult these days with SO many online stores, but when it comes to your lingerie you want to make sure you’re getting what works for YOU! 

Check the reviews! An honest online store won’t have all 5-star reviews. Read the materials on the pieces (if a corset is made with steel boning, it’s probably a winner), and make sure they aren’t dropshipping cheap products.

… or, take a look at a few of the best lingerie online stores that we’ve compiled here, because we’ve already done all the hard work in filtering out to get YOU the best lingerie:

Shop The Things We Love

We have created this INCREDIBLE resource page on www.gabrielacruz.ca to show our favorite pieces of lingerie like:

  1. Bodysuits
  2. Robes
  3. Accessories
  4. BDSM inspired pieces
  5. Clothing 
  6. Shoes 

When it comes to online shopping for lingerie, the possibilities are endless. We’ve been at this so long and seen so many different women just come alive when they step into a sheer robe, or walk out in silky underwear, or step into a pair of shoes they never thought they would wear. 

How Can I Tell My Lingerie Size When Buying Online?

Most online lingerie stores will have a handy size chart. All you have to know is your hip, waist, and breast measurements and you’ll be able to get your lingerie size.

If you’re a standard M, you should be a M online, or an XL, L, S etc. Remember that any overseas lingerie stores may have smaller sizes! 

If you’re ever in doubt of your bra size – there’s nothing better than having a bra that FITS. Trust us. 

Go visit any lingerie store and get yourself accurate measurements – you will thank yourself, and thank us later. 

Best Lingerie Stores in Vancouver 

One of Langley’s hidden gems, Forever Yours carries an incredible selection of bras, panties, sleepwear and more. Their selection of baby dolls, camisoles, and all sorts of sexy lingerie – in all sizes. Plus, they have a handy bra size calculator!

If you’re looking for corsets and high heels, visit Eye Kandee Lingerie. BUT – you have to phone to make an appointment – 604-616-4967. This little lingerie shop is located downtown on Burrard Street in Vancouver, and will have your wildest dreams in all sizes of lingerie. 

Eye Kandee Lingerie is your Vancouver central for the bright and vibrant eye-popping corsets and badass lingerie for those SPECTACULAR boudoir shoots in Vancouver that we love at GCP. 

Are you feeling a bit nervous about walking into a lingerie store? 

Girl. Stop right there.

And then start. Because these women have seen it ALL. They have seen the female body in all forms. 

They’ve seen scars. They’ve seen cellulite. They’ve seen the parts of your body that you don’t WANT to show off. 

Best Lingerie Stores in Edmonton

After so many years of being one of Edmonton’s top boudoir photographers we have sourced out the BEST lingerie stores in the Edmonton area, and Romantic Notions is one of our favorites.

Ladies, let them set you at ease here and get you dolled up in the perfect lingerie that was MADE for you in this Spruce Grove lingerie store.

While their website is under construction, take a look at Exotic Peach’s Instagram account to see their incredible lines of sleepwear, yogawear, and – lingerie! Babydolls, camisoles, nighties, leggings and more. Exotic Peach is one of our favorite lingerie stores in Leduc. ]

… still feeling that hesitation to treat yourself? 

I’m going to teach you something. I’m going to teach you the art of the Power Pose, quickly, right here right now. And you can do this anywhere, anytime you’re feeling like you’re unsure of yourself, or nervous.

Stand up straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on your hips. 

Now, do nothing. For two whole minutes. Stand just like that, that defiance, that strength, that power that is emanating from you in this moment in this power pose. Do you know what this is doing? 

This pose psychologically tricks your brain into convincing itself it (and you) are confident – because you are. 

The next time you do something you’re unsure of, you’re feeling timid or any trepidation, or you’re thinking, “I can’t,” – rock the Power Pose for that two minutes, and you can tell yourself, 

“I can.”

What Do I Wear For A Boudoir Shoot?

Did anybody ever tell you you HAD to wear lingerie to your boudoir shoot? We’re here to tell you NO. What do you wear to a boudoir shoot?

Anything you want.

It’s not what you wear that makes you sexy – it’s the person you are.  It’s OUR job to bring that person out – no matter what you’re wearing.

Sure, wearing lingerie is a GREAT way to feel empowered, bold, strong, and sexy, but we want you to be comfortable in front of our cameras.


It’s not about what you wear, or what you don’t wear, that makes you sexy, beautiful and powerful – it’s YOU. The woman behind all of it. If you call us and say, “I want to try boudoir, but I want to wear my favorite t-shirt,” great. Wear what makes YOU feel confident.

Trust us, we’ll do all the rest. That’s our job. It’s your job to show up, and be yourself. Or, show up and find the version of yourself you’ve been waiting to discover. 

Book Your Boudoir Shoot 

At the end of the day, your boudoir shoot has nothing to do with what you wear …

It’s who you are. 

It’s about the experience that we create together. It’s a self-discovery session. It’s seeing yourself in a different light, and thinking,

“I never knew I could look like that.”

Do you think that any of these girls walk into our studios, 100% ready to go? No. Boudoir is tough. It takes WORK. And we’re here to do that work for you. Because you DO look like that. You just don’t know.
Book your boudoir discovery experience with Gabriela Cruz Photography.