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Here at Gabriela Cruz Photography, we are HONORED to hear the stories of women who book a boudoir photoshoot to RECLAIM their bodies at our Edmonton and Vancouver studios.

We’ve worked with women of many backgrounds, experiences, ages, races, and it seems like one story shines through over and over again:

“I was harassed, hurt, and used for my body. It didn’t feel like it was mine.”

“I was told what to wear, how to look.”

“I never felt like I could match up to the models in the magazine or the celebrities on Instagram.”

Sound familiar?

I know I’ve been there!

I hope you enjoy our #OwnYourBody Project.

Yahozka Godfrey GCP Owner

xoxo Yahozka

The #ownyour body project

is about…


✨ Sharing our journeys from body shame to body CONFIDENCE and everything in between

✨ Challenging the stereotypes of women’s bodies and sexuality

✨ Creating a COMMUNITY of empowered women who encourage others to BREAK FREE of the confines society places around what it means to BE A WOMAN

What If You Could...

Reclaim your body as your own?

Every time we buy into something we’re told about our bodies we give a little bit of our bodies away.

What if you didn’t carry around those judgements and standards anymore?

What if you reclaimed your body through an empowerment boudoir session and took that power back?

See your inner goddess shine through?

You’ve been through a lot in life. You’ve learned hard lessons, sacrificed for what you thought was right, and only given up when it was the best option.

THAT is a goddess.

Are you ready to let that inner goddess shine through?

Empower other women?

Your body image story is about more than just your personal triumph (although THAT is huge all on it’s own).

You have the power to share that story with other women and help them shed years of negative stereotypes while inspiring them to LOVE and OWN their bodies.

Are you ready?

project to...

Happy Words

from happy clients

“I had boudoir photos done with Gabriela. It was an amazing experience – one that every woman should have. Gabriela and Heather (hair and makeup) made the day fun and relaxing. I felt strong and empowered.”

“These ladies are amazing!!! If you are wanting to feel empowered and beautiful, these ladies will blow your mind. I knew nothing about posing or what I was suppose to do. They lift, tuck and put everything in its place. I felt amazingly comfortable and the photos that I received were incredible. This was a bucket list item for me and now I want to do one every year. If i could rate 10 stars, I would!”

“Doing my photos here was the most empowering decision I have made this year. The ladies really made me feel beautiful, unique and amazing. They were so responsive and professional from the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed the pampering hair and makeup session as well as the conversation. The actual photoshoot was so much fun and I never felt self conscious even once. The final photos were mind blowing. I also loved the fact that I could get digital photos which made the package so much more affordable and suited to my needs. I would recommend this experience to every woman!”

“The first time I booked a session with Gabriela, I cried for days (really weeks) after seeing my photos. I was falling in love with myself more everytime I looked at them. I never realized how beautiful I was, and the pain that I was carrying with me slowly began to ease as I let others opinions of me no longer have a voice.

My second session though… wow!! It wasn’t about falling in love with myself again, it was accepting and proudly taking up the space that I deserve to inhabit in this world.

Just a quiet and strong presence of…”here I am!”

Cheryl came to the GCP studio in Edmonton for her boudoir shoot and one of the first things she said to us was,
“I am ready to OWN MY BODY!”

She saw us writing about #OwnYourBody on our Instagram page and immediately felt drawn to it.

Like you, she has her own unique story and journey when it comes to body image.
It was a long road for Cheryl to learn to embrace and love her body.
But she DOES and she is ready to share it with the world as part of our #OwnYourBodyProject.

Are you ready to feel as empowered as Cheryl?
Even if you don’t feel it yet, just imagine how different your relationship with your body can be once you share your journey with other women who have struggled to find love for their beautiful, strong, incredible bodies.