The Unseen Battle: Living with Endometriosis

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In a world where personal struggles often remain hidden, endometriosis emerges as a condition that silently affects millions of women, enveloping them in a battle that is both intensely personal and profoundly misunderstood. This blog post delves into the journey of those living with endometriosis, in particular our amazing client Coral and explores how she uses boudoir photography as a beacon of empowerment and self-celebration.

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a chronic condition where tissue like the uterine lining grows outside the uterus, causing severe pain, infertility, and numerous other symptoms. Despite affecting 1 in 10 women during their reproductive years, the road to diagnosis is fraught with challenges, often taking years and a toll on one’s physical and emotional well-being.   We met up with Coral, one of our long-time clients where she shares her turbulent decade-long quest for answers, battling not just the physical torment but the societal and medical stigmas attached to endometriosis. From misdiagnosis to the dismissive “it’s all in your head” comments, her story reflects the resilience required to face such a pervasive yet poorly understood condition.

Here is Her Story.

Can you share your journey with endometriosis and how it has impacted your life?

For a long time my periods were quite normal. But when I turned 19, my periods shifted drastically. They were starting to be so severe that I was constantly in pain, I would be sick, calling in from work, missing out on events and having major migraines and hospital stays. And it was my boyfriend at the time who suggested I really go and try to figure things out. But doctor after doctor, test after test – no one could figure out what was wrong with me. I would hear comments like “it’s all in your head” “you must have a low pain tolerance” “do you have a drug problem”.

People with endometriosis are called Endo Warriors and I personal believe it’s because you are now going to spend the next 10 years battling with your health, social stigmas and the very people who should be helping you.

I finally got some answers when I found a female physician. I went into the clinic sat down and explained my periods. This was the first time I heard the word Endometriosis. She explained that the only way to see if you have Endo was through Laparoscopic Surgery which she sent me for a referral, But I still battled with the doctors who thought I didn’t need the surgery and I had to request another gynecologist who would listen. Finally, I did! I was FINALLY diagnosed with Stage 2 Embed Endometriosis, and that I in fact was not crazy but that I did in fact have a disease. The day I found out I had endo was the day I left a hospital feeling empowered and not crazy. I cried for a month straight realizing that over the last decade I was not wrong, that all those failed test just meant they did the wrong test.

How do you maintain a positive outlook despite the challenges posed by endometriosis?

I take it one day a time. Endometriosis is a physical issue but also a mental battle. I’ve learned to listen to my body and deal with the symptoms as they come up and remind myself that what I’m feeling is real. As bad as days are I do feel a sense of enjoyment because when a day is good, for me it’s amazing. It’s like the rainbow after a storm. So, when I’m going through it, I allow myself to go through it and then when the good days happen, I enjoy them even more because they are rare and precious. Endo has given me the ability to really sit in the moment. Nothing last for ever and this shall pass is what I tell myself.

In what ways has boudoir photography helped you?

It has helped give me a form of self-expression. And for a moment in time, a sense of pure bliss. Photography, but more importantly Boudoir has given me a moment in time to look back on and say this is what I like about photographs they show that life was once perfect, even for a moment. Endometriosis makes having intimate relationships complex, but when you get to see your sexuality, your femininity in a photography it’s really something to hold onto and feel empowered.

How do you believe boudoir photography can empower women particularly those with chronic conditions like endometriosis?

 Overall Boudoir photography can serve as a powerful tool for self-expression, self-acceptance, and self-celebration. I believe you lose so much with endo, and I feel you can reconnect with those things that you’ve lost through boudoir. If you let it, you can connect back to yourself and bring self-confidence back, you can use boudoir to as a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. This type of photography allows you to explore your sensuality, vulnerabilities, and emotions in a safe way. Intimacy with endometriosis can be a real challenge and boudoir allows you to explore that connection with yourself and even your partner. I think endo takes so much away from the person struggling that I don’t think they should also take things away from themselves and one second of braveness can be all the difference between pouring back into yourself and having an empowering experience that will last a lifetime.

Can you share a particularly empowering or transformative moment you experienced during boudoir photoshoot?

Yes, the photoshoot I did with you with the X, was what changed me forever. It lead me to really get out of my comfort zone and explore my sexuality even further. It even made me have the courage to go to nude beaches. I just felt so sexy, empowered and those photos remind me of how bad ass I am staying in the fight for answers to these diseases that has now progressed to Stage 4.

What message or words of encouragement would you like to share with our readers who maybe be struggling with endo challenges and insecurities?

You are not alone You are valuable I know this is not the life you wanted Your pain is very real and reach out even if it’s to me I am here for you even if no one else will sit in the dark with you I will.

Boudoir photography emerged as a transformative outlet for Coral. This art form became a means to reclaim her femininity, self-worth, and identity, often felt lost to the relentless pain and isolation of her condition. Boudoir photography allowed her to see herself in a new light—free from the constraints of her illness, celebrating the moments of beauty and strength that exist even in adversity.

Thank you so much to Coral for sharing her story of strength and vulnerability! Make sure to follow her and the beautiful art she helps create


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