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Ms. K loved every part of her boudoir shoot. And to say she found it empowering would be a HUGE understatement. Here’s our interview with Ms. K 👇

What was your empowerment boudoir shoot like? From walk in to get read to pictures to wrapping it all up?

“I had been struggling with the thought of turning 35 as my life isn’t exactly what I pictured or planned for myself. Every year my workplace gives us one wellness day a year where we can take it off for doctors appointment or just have a mental health day. I always use my day to take my birthday off and spend the day by myself doing things for myself. A few months before my birthday a Facebook post showed up in my news feed for Gabriela Cruz and I decided to inquire about the process as the pictures I looked at were mesmerizing. Yahozka called me with all the deets and answered any questions I threw her way. By the end of the call I wanted to do this and was whipping out the credit card to book my spot. I asked if my birthday was available and decided this would be a wonderful experience for my wellness day.

By the end of the call I wanted to do this and was whipping out the credit card to book my spot.

On my drive to the shoot I was so nervous. I arrived and was greeted by Heather and Christina and they were so welcoming. It did not take long for my nerves to ease. I had a wonderful conversation with the ladies while getting my hair and make up done. The photo shoot was so much fun and the poses weren’t uncomfortable like I was anticipating. When the last photo was taken I thought I cannot wait to see these pictures. I did not have to wait long because I choose the same day viewing but the excitement I was feeling waiting for the viewing was a feeling I don’t have very often!”

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Was there anything you were unsure or nervous about before your boudoir shoot?

“I had purchased a package with some bonuses and I wanted to do the gown but I am a bigger girl so I had this fear the gowns would not fit me. I selected the gown but had asked if the gowns didn’t fit me If I could do the sheet. Christina told me when I was getting my make up done that when she saw me walk in one of her first thoughts was “she’s getting in a gown today.” Sometimes it’s hard to see yourself the way a stranger may see you especially for me because I can be such a negative self talker.”

You did this boudoir shoot for your birthday. Did anything in particular stand out that made it feel special?

“I loved every part of the studio. The shoot was phenomenal. My favorite part was how beautiful the overall shoot made me feel and how my insecurities about my body image seemed to leave me that day because I realized I am not the mean things I say to myself.

The bathtub did turn out to be my favorite if I had to choose one. The flowers and the colour of  my outfit just popped. The whole scene just screamed “I am a goddess!” One of my favorite things to do is take long hot baths so this scene was so me.  The water was warm and after getting out of the tub my skin felt silky and smooth. Since my shoot I can say I may have purchased a jug of milk for a bath to reminisce the experience!”

This team is amazing. From start to finish I had a great experience. It was a wonderful way to spend my 35th birthday because these ladies made me feel absolutely gorgeous.  

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