Limited Edition Forest Set at Our Edmonton BOUDOIR Studio

Edmonton Boudoir Photography

It’s been a while since we did a limited edition set at our Edmonton studio, so we KNEW it was time. We fell SO in love with this set that it was nearly impossible to tear it down. Keep reading to see how we built it, why we loved it, and the AMAZING boudoir photos that came from it.

Building a new set in the GCP Edmonton boudoir studio

Originally, the idea was for the set to be a LOT smaller than it ended up being. Maybe this is why tearing it down was so difficult for us. As it grew it took on a life of it’s own and became a magical place we all wanted to visit.

The set was kind of a let’s see what happens sort of thing. It was just supposed to be one small corner of greenery and florals. But then I saw the piano listed for free on marketplace and I couldn’t resist. Suddenly we had to get creative and fill the entire area around the piano.

“The set was kind of a let’s see what happens sort of this.”

Yahozka Godfrey, Gabriela Cruz Boudoir Photography

As I ran around different stores looking for things to liven up the set my husband and sons ran around our backyard collecting sticks and cutting dead branches off our trees. (They weren’t allowed to cut down anything living).

Luck was on my side when I found individual fake leaves for sale at the dollar store. Since my hands were often busy with our newborn and other work tasks, my husband attached each leaf to the branches he collected – one by one.

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Boudoir shoots on new sets are a LOT of fun

I love a change of pace. That’s why we’ve done limited time sets at our studio before and why I actually LIKE to go on location for outdoor boudoir shoots. I even thought about doing a full outdoor set in the backyard at the studio or at my own house but when I’ve tried it before we’ve had wasp issues that I did NOT want to subject our clients to. So, an indoor set with an outdoor feel was the perfect match.

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It was always a shock for clients every time the leaned on the piano and it would make noise. I guess they figured it wouldn’t work. And, to be honest, after getting it for free on marketplace I was kind of surprised that it worked, too.

This set felt like one of the most empowering spaces we’ve made. We’ve done all different sorts of sets over the years and have even recently launched a “forever” set that’s a lot more in the BDSM realm. But something about THIS set really felt the most like it belonged in the world of empowerment boudoir photography.

Jaw dropping boudoir photos from our new studio set

The pictures turned out even better than we expected. Which is saying a lot, because once we saw the set in its full creation we expected magic. We got magic and THEN SOME. 😍

I remember some of our clients going back and forth in our women’s empowerment Facebook group trying to figure out what to wear on this type of set. We talked about fairies and Alice in Wonderland – different themes and how you could dress to match those themes.

What we ended up seeing was a bunch of very different yet similarly whimsical outfit choices that made for stunning boudoir images.

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I’ll really miss the whimsicalness of this set. There’s a part of me that wishes we could have kept it forever. But, I guess that’s what makes it so special. I’m excited to do more limited edition boudoir sets in the future.

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