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You want to do a boudoir shoot but the pictures you’ve seen don’t quite reflect your personality. You want something girlier, cheekier – something playful and fun. You aren’t looking for traditional, kinky, or pin-up style pictures. You want something softer. Sounds like you’re looking for a fun & flirty boudoir shoot!

Fun and flirty is actually one of the things we specialize in, here at GCP. The base of our main sets is soft, warm, and inviting. We use a lot of muted and natural tones to compliment a variety of skin tones and hair colours and to work well with natural elements like vines, leaves, and flowers.

So, what MAKES a boudoir shoot fun and flirty?

It’s a mixture of posing, colours, set design, and attitude. They all come together to create a FEELING or MOOD. (Actually, part of our pre-session planning process is to help you choose the right mood for your shoot. We even help you build a mood board!)

Posing for your fun & flirty boudoir shoot

The poses in these kinds of shoots is generally a little more relaxed than some of the most traditional or kinky shoots. But, they’re usually a little more provocative than you’ll see at a maternity shoot.

As you can see in the pictures below, the posing is mostly about suggestion. You can’t tell what lies beneath the lowest hem of a sweatshirt when we pose like this.. Crossed and leaning legs show off a lot of thigh but nothing more.

Choosing Colours for Your fun Girly Boudoir Shoot

Fun and flirty shoots tend to be a little more girly than a lot of other boudoir styles. Our clients often lean toward natural colours that work well in floral and forest themes. They don’t have to be light pinks and beiges, though! You can bust out a deep, forest green or a dusty rose and still get that softer feel.

Deep reds offer a bold contrast to some of the softer colours we use in our main sets while still managing to feel feminine.

If you’re looking for something a little cheekier with an extra touch of pizzazz, you might like some of the more colourful choices our clients have made. In the pictures below you can see two of our amazing clients showing off their playful side with bright, attention-grabbing splashes of colour.

Pulling it all together

When planning your boudoir shoot with us, we usually suggest that you have a look at our sets (you can see our base sets on our pricing page). We change things up frequently, though, adding new bits to each area of the studio. So, it’s also a good idea to come in for a studio tour. After you’ve booked your session we’ll happily bring you in for a free tour or host a virtual tour over video chat so you can plan things out a little better.

We also suggest that our clients create a Pinterest board of their ideas so we can REALLY get a feel for what you like. Check out our fun & flirty boudoir shoot pin board by clicking here.

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Want something more traditional – a little less daring without being overly feminine? Check out our post about Traditional Boudoir.


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